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$29.00 (Tom Waits)
10,000 Men (Bob Dylan)
100 Years Ago (Rolling Stones)
16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six (Tom Waits)
1904 (Tallest Man On Earth)
1913 Massacre (Woody Guthrie)
1939 Returning (Pete Doherty)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning (Richard Thompson)
19th Nervous Breakdown (Rolling Stones)
25 To Life (Stray Birds)
25th Floor (and High On Rebellion) (Patti Smith)
2x2 (Bob Dylan)
The 32nd Of December (Babyshambles)
409 (Beach Boys)
4th Of July, Ashbury Park (Sandy) (Bruce Springsteen)
57 Channels (And Nothin' On) (Bruce Springsteen)
59th Streen Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy) (Simon and Garfunkel)
5:15 (Who)
6th Avenue Heartache (Wallflowers)
8 Dead Boys (Babyshambles)


A Bang On The Ear (Waterboys)
A Bell Will Ring (Oasis)
A Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash)
A Bunch Of Lonesome Heroes (Leonard Cohen)
A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell)
A Casual Look (Beach Boys)
A Century Of Fakers (Belle and Sebastian)
A Change Is Gonna Come (Bob Dylan)
A Church Is Burning (Simon and Garfunkel)
A Crime (Sharon Van Etten)
A Day In The Life (Beatles)
A Day In The Life Of A Tree (Beach Boys)
A Fool Such As I (Bob Dylan)
A Gift (Lou Reed)
A Good Man Is Hard To Find (Tom Waits)
A Hard Day's Night (Beatles)
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Bob Dylan)
A House Is Not A Motel (Love)
A Kiss Before I Go (Ryan Adams)
A Lion's Heart (Tallest Man On Earth)
A Little Death Around The Eyes (Pete Doherty)
A Little Less Conversation (Elvis Presley)
A Little Rain (Tom Waits)
A Little Time (Beautiful South)
A Lover Sings (Billy Bragg)
A Man Is In Love (Waterboys)
A Man Needs A Maid (Neil Young)
A Man's Gotta Know His Limitations, Briggs (Robyn Hitchcock)
A Most Peculiar Man (Simon and Garfunkel)
A New England (Billy Bragg)
A Pair Of Brown Eyes (Pogues)
A Poem On The Underground Wall (Simon and Garfunkel)
A Quick One, While He's Away (Who)
A Rainy Night In Soho (Pogues)
A Satisfied Mind (Bob Dylan)
A Sheltered Life (Sheltered Life) (Lou Reed)
A Sight For Sore Eyes (Tom Waits)
A Singer Must Die (Leonard Cohen)
A Strange Boy (Joni Mitchell)
A Summer Wasting (Belle and Sebastian)
A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun (Tom Waits)
A Thing Or Two (Beach Boys)
A Thousand Kisses Deep (Leonard Cohen)
A Wedding In Cherokee County (Randy Newman)
A Young Man Is Gone (Beach Boys)
A'Rebours (Babyshambles)
Abandoned Love (Bob Dylan)
Abattoir Blues (Nick Cave)
About A Boy (Patti Smith)
Abracadabra (Judee Sill)
Absolutely Sweet Marie (Bob Dylan)
Accident Waiting To Happen (Billy Bragg)
Accidentally Like A Martyr (Warren Zevon)
Accidentally Like A Martyr (Warren Zevon)
Accidents Will Happen (Elvis Costello)
Acid Queen (Who)
Across The Border (Bruce Springsteen)
Across The Great Divide (Band)
Across The Universe (Beatles)
Adam Raised A Cain (Bruce Springsteen)
Add Some Music To Your Day (Beach Boys)
Adventure Rocket-Ship (Robyn Hitchcock)
Aerosol Ball (Felice Brothers)
Afraid Of Nothing (Sharon Van Etten)
After Hours (Velvet Underground)
After The Garden (Neil Young)
After The Gold Rush (Neil Young)
Ain't A-Gonna Grieve (Bob Dylan)
Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody (Bob Dylan)
Ain't Gonna Let No Woman (Guitar Gabriel) (Misc)
Ain't Got You (Bruce Springsteen)
Ain't It Strange (Patti Smith)
Ain't No Cure For Love (Leonard Cohen)
Ain't No Grave (Crooked Still)
Ain't No Sunshine (Bill Withers) (Misc)
Ain't No Tellin' (Mississippi John Hurt)
Ain't Talkin' (Bob Dylan)
Airplane (Beach Boys)
Aisling (Christy Moore)
Aisling (Pogues)
Al Bowlly's In Heaven (Richard Thompson)
Alabama (Neil Young)
Aladdin Sane (David Bowie)
Alberta (Bob Dylan)
Albion (Babyshambles)
Albuquerque (Neil Young)
Albuquerque Lullaby (Dan Bern)
Alexandra Leaving (Leonard Cohen)
Alice (Tom Waits)
Alison (Elvis Costello)
All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan)
All Around The World (Oasis)
All Day And All Of The Night (Kinks)
All Down The Line (Rolling Stones)
All Dressed Up For School (Beach Boys)
All I Can (Sharon Van Etten)
All I Have To Do Is Dream (Everly Brothers) (Misc)
All I Really Want To Do (Bob Dylan)
All I Wanna Do (Beach Boys)
All I Want (Joni Mitchell)
All I Want To Do (Beach Boys)
All I'm Thinkin' About (Bruce Springsteen)
All My Loving (Beatles)
All My Rage (Laura Marling)
All Of Your Love (Rolling Stones)
All Or Nothin' At All (Bruce Springsteen)
All Over You (Bob Dylan)
All Shook Up (Elvis Presley)
All Stripped Down (Tom Waits)
All Summer Long (Beach Boys)
All That Heaven Will Allow (Bruce Springsteen)
All The Tired Horses (Bob Dylan)
All The Way Home (Bruce Springsteen)
All The World Is Green (Tom Waits)
All Things Must Pass (George Harrison)
All This Is That (Beach Boys)
All This Useless Beauty (Elvis Costello)
All Tomorrow's Parties (Velvet Underground)
Alley Oop (Beach Boys)
Almost Blue (Elvis Costello)
Alone Again Or (Love)
Already One (Neil Young)
Already Over Me (Rolling Stones)
Always (Leonard Cohen)
Always On My Mind (Elvis Presley)
Always This Way (Laura Marling)
Am I Your Stepchild? (Bob Dylan)
Amazing Journey (Who)
Ambulance Blues (Neil Young)
Amelia (Joni Mitchell)
America (Simon and Garfunkel)
American Girl (Tom Petty)
American Pie (Don McLean)
Amsterdam (John Cale)
Amusement Parks USA (Beach Boys)
Amy (Ryan Adams)
And I Love Her (Beatles)
And I Love You So (Don McLean)
And It Stoned Me (Van Morrison)
And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles)
And Your Dream Comes True (Beach Boys)
Andalucia (John Cale)
Andmoreagain (Love)
Andy Warhol (David Bowie)
Andy's Chest (Lou Reed)
The Angel (Bruce Springsteen)
Angel Child (Demo) (Oasis)
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (Bob Dylan)
Angelina (Bob Dylan)
Angeline The Baker (Crooked Still)
The Angels Want To Wear My Red Shoes (Elvis Costello)
Angie (Rolling Stones)
Angry World (Neil Young)
Anji (Simon and Garfunkel)
Anna Lee, The Healer (Beach Boys)
Annie Waits (Ben Folds)
Annie's Going To Sing Her Song (Bob Dylan)
Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones) (Misc)
Another Man's Vine (Tom Waits)
Another Travelin' Song (Bright Eyes)
Answering Bell (Ryan Adams)
Antarctica Starts Here (John Cale)
Anthem (Leonard Cohen)
Any Time At All (Beatles)
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Who)
Anywhere I Lay My Head (Tom Waits)
Apeman (Kinks)
Apple Scruffs (George Harrison)
Apple Suckling Tree (Bob Dylan)
Apres Moi (Regina Spektor)
April, Come She Will (Simon and Garfunkel)
Arbeit Mach Frei (Libertines)
Arcady (Pete Doherty)
The Archetypal Man (Judee Sill)
Are You Lonesome Tonight (Elvis Presley)
Are You Passionate? (Neil Young)
Are You Ready (Bob Dylan)
Are You Ready For The Country? (Neil Young)
(Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For (Nick Cave)
Aren't You Glad (Beach Boys)
Arms Of Love (REM)
Army (Ben Folds)
Arthur McBride (Bob Dylan)
As I Went Out One Morning (Bob Dylan)
As Tears Go By (Rolling Stones)
As Ugly As I Seem (White Stripes)
The Ascent Of Stan (Ben Folds)
Ashes And Fire (Ryan Adams)
Ask (Sharon Van Etten)
Ask The Angels (Patti Smith)
Asleep At The Wheel (Wallflowers)
Astral Weeks (Van Morrison)
Astray (I Am Kloot) (Misc)
At The Bottom Of Everything (Bright Eyes)
At The Chime Of A City Clock (Nick Drake)
At The Zoo (Simon and Garfunkel)
Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen)
Autumn Almanac (Kinks)
Autumn Leaves (Bob Dylan)
Avalanche (Leonard Cohen)
Avalon Blues (Mississippi John Hurt)
Avalon Blues (Mississippi John Hurt) (Misc)


Baba O'Riley (Who)
Babe, You Turn Me On (Nick Cave)
Babelogue (Patti Smith)
Baby Bye Bye (Dan Bern)
Baby Close Its Eyes (Tim Hardin)
Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long (Brian Wilson)
Baby Please Don't Go (Van Morrison)
Baby Stop Crying (Bob Dylan)
Baby What's Wrong With You (Mississippi John Hurt)
Baby's In Black (Beatles)
Baby, I'm In The Mood For You (Bob Dylan)
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (Bob Dylan)
Back From The Dead (Babyshambles)
Back Home (Beach Boys)
Back On My Feet Again (Randy Newman)
Back On Top (Van Morrison)
Back In The Crowd (Tom Waits)
Back In The USSR (Beatles)
Backstreets (Bruce Springsteen)
Bad As Me (Tom Waits)
Bad Fog Of Loneliness (Neil Young)
Bad Liver And A Broken Heart (Tom Waits)
Bad Moon Rising (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Bad News From Home (Randy Newman)
Baddies Boogie (Babyshambles)
Badge (Eric Clapton)
Badlands (Bruce Springsteen)
The Baker Man (Beach Boys)
Balboa Park (Bruce Springsteen)
Ball And Biscuit (White Stripes)
Ballad For A Friend (Bob Dylan)
Ballad In Plain D (Bob Dylan)
Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob Dylan)
Ballad Of Donald White (Bob Dylan)
Ballad Of Easy Rider (Byrds)
The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest (Bob Dylan)
Ballad Of Hollis Brown (Bob Dylan)
Ballad Of Ira Hayes (Bob Dylan)
The Ballad Of John And Yoko (Beatles)
Ballad Of Lou The Welterweight (Felice Brothers)
Ballad Of Ole' Betsy (Beach Boys)
The Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (George Harrison)
Ballad Of The Absent Mare (Leonard Cohen)
Ballad Of The Gliding Swan (Bob Dylan)
Ballerina (Van Morrison)
Baltimore (Randy Newman)
Band Of The Hand (Bob Dylan)
The Band Played Walzing Matilda (Pogues)
Banging On My Drum (Lou Reed)
Banks Of The Nile (Sandy Denny) (Richard Thompson)
Banks Of The Royal Canal (Bob Dylan)
Barbara (Beach Boys)
Barbara Allen (Bob Dylan)
Barbara Ann (Beach Boys)
Barber Shop (Tom Waits)
Barbie (Beach Boys)
Barcarolle (Tom Waits)
Bargain (Who)
Barrack Street (Nic Jones)
Barracuda (John Cale)
The Barricades Of Heaven (Jackson Browne)
Barstool Blues (Neil Young)
Bartering Lines (Ryan Adams)
Bathsheba Smiles (Richard Thompson)
Battle Of Who Could Care Less (Ben Folds)
(Be Careful Of) Stones That You Throw (Bob Dylan)
Be Here In The Morning (Beach Boys)
Be Here Now (Oasis)
Be Still (Beach Boys)
Be True To Your School (Beach Boys)
Be With Me (Beach Boys)
Be With You (Neil Young)
Be For Real (Leonard Cohen)
The Beast (Laura Marling)
Beast Of Burden (Rolling Stones)
Beatiful Night (Paul McCartney)
Beautiful (Belle and Sebastian)
Beautiful (Christina Aguilera) (Misc)
Beautiful Sorta (Ryan Adams)
Because (Beatles)
Because Of (Leonard Cohen)
Because The Night (Patti Smith)
The Bed (Lou Reed)
Been Down So Long (Doors)
Been Smoking Too Long (Nick Drake)
Beeswing (Richard Thompson)
Before The Eyes Of Storytelling Girls (Anais Mitchell)
Before They Make Me Run (Rolling Stones)
Before You Accuse Me (Eric Clapton)
Beg, Steal Or Borrow (Babyshambles)
Begging (Libertines)
Beginning Of A Great Adventure (Lou Reed)
Beginning To See The Light (Velvet Underground)
Behind Blue Eyes (Who)
Behind That Locked Door (George Harrison)
Being With The One You Love (Brian Wilson)
Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! (Beatles)
Bell Bottom Blues (Eric Clapton)
Bell Boy (Who)
Belle Isle (Bob Dylan)
Belle And Sebastian (Belle and Sebastian)
The Bells (Stray Birds)
The Bells Of Rhymney (Byrds)
Bells Of Madness (Brian Wilson)
Belltown-Ramble (Robyn Hitchcock)
Beneath The Southern Cross (Patti Smith)
Berlin (Lou Reed)
Beside You (Van Morrison)
Best Imitation Of Myself (Ben Folds)
Best Medicine (Stray Birds)
Better (Regina Spektor)
Better Days (Bruce Springsteen)
Better Off Dead (Randy Newman)
Better Off Without A Wife (Tom Waits)
Between The Wars (Billy Bragg)
Beware Of Darkness (George Harrison)
Bewlay Brothers (David Bowie)
Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Bob Dylan)
Beyond The Horizon (Bob Dylan)
Big Black Mariah (Tom Waits)
Big Hat, No Cattle (Randy Newman)
Big Joe And Phantom 309 (Tom Waits)
Big Leg Blues (Mississippi John Hurt)
The Big Muddy (Bruce Springsteen)
Big River Blues (Johnny Cash)
Big Yellow Taxi (Bob Dylan)
Big In Japan (Tom Waits)
Billy (Bob Dylan)
Billy 2 (Outtake) (Bob Dylan)
Billy 4 (Bob Dylan)
Billy 7 (Bob Dylan)
Billy Austin (Steve Earle)
Bird Flew By (Nick Drake)
Bird On Broken Wing (Felice Brothers)
Bird On The Wire (Leonard Cohen)
Birdland (Patti Smith)
Birds (Neil Young)
The Birds Of St Mark's (Jackson Browne)
Birmingham (Randy Newman)
Birthday (Beatles)
Bishop Danced (Bruce Springsteen)
Bitch (Rolling Stones)
The Black Angel's Death Song (Velvet Underground)
Black Cowboys (Bruce Springsteen)
Black Crow Blues (Bob Dylan)
Black Diamond Bay (Bob Dylan)
Black Eyed Dog (Nick Drake)
Black Hair (Nick Cave)
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (KT Tunstall)
Black Market Baby (Tom Waits)
The Black Rider (Tom Waits)
Black Sheep Boy (Tim Hardin)
Black Swan (Bert Jansch)
Black Tornado (Dan Bern)
Black Wings (Tom Waits)
Blackbird (Beatles)
Blackbird TAB (Beatles)
Blackbird On The Wire (Beautiful South)
Blackjack County Chains (Red Lane) (Christy Moore)
Blackjack Davey (Bob Dylan)
Blame It On Cain (Elvis Costello)
Bleecker Street (Simon and Garfunkel)
Bleeders (Wallflowers)
Blessed Is The Name (Bob Dylan)
Blind Love (Tom Waits)
Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan)
Blinded By The Light (Bruce Springsteen)
The Blinding (Babyshambles)
Blood In My Eyes (Bob Dylan)
Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole (Martha Wainwright) (Misc)
Blossom (Nick Drake)
Blow Wind Blow (Tom Waits)
Blowin In The Wind (Bob Dylan)
Blue (Joni Mitchell)
Blue (First Aid Kit)
Blue Lips (Regina Spektor)
Blue Moon (Bob Dylan)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Elvis Presley)
Blue Skies (Tom Waits)
Blue Sky Blues (Ryan Adams)
Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Presley)
Blue Valentine (Tom Waits)
Blueberry Hill (Beach Boys)
Bluebird (Buffalo Springfield)
Bluebirds (Adam Green)
Bluebirds Over The Mountain (Beach Boys)
Blues And Lonesome (Rolling Stones)
Blues Run The Game (Simon and Garfunkel)
Bob Dylan's 115th Dream (Bob Dylan)
Bob Dylan's Blues (Bob Dylan)
Bob Dylan's Dream (Bob Dylan)
Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag (Bob Dylan)
Bobby Jean (Bruce Springsteen)
Bonnie Ship The Diamond (Bob Dylan)
Bonny Portmore (Misc)
Boogie Street (Leonard Cohen)
Book Of Dreams (Bruce Springsteen)
Boom Boom Mancini (Warren Zevon)
Boots Of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan)
Born In The USA (Bruce Springsteen)
Born In Time (Bob Dylan)
Born On The Bayou (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen)
Borrowed Tune (Neil Young)
Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell)
Bottom Of The World (Tom Waits)
The Boxer (Simon and Garfunkel)
The Boxer (Bob Dylan)
The Boy Done Wrong Again (Belle and Sebastian)
Boy Looked At Johnny (Libertines)
The Boy With The Arab Strap (Belle and Sebastian)
The Boys In The Band (Libertines)
Brand New Day (Van Morrison)
Break It Up (Patti Smith)
Breakaway (Beach Boys)
Breakdown (Tom Petty)
Breathe (Laura Marling)
Breathless (Nick Cave)
Breezy (Bright Eyes)
Brian (Brian Wilson)
The Briar And The Rose (Tom Waits)
Brick (Ben Folds)
The Bridge (Neil Young)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon and Garfunkel)
Bright Lights (Carl Wilson)
Brilliant Disguise (Bruce Springsteen)
Bring It On Down (Oasis)
Bring Me My Shotgun (Lightnin' Hopkins) (Misc)
Broke Down Engine (Bob Dylan)
Broken Bicycles (Tom Waits)
Broken Flag (Patti Smith)
Broken Love Song (Pete Doherty)
Brompton Oratory (Nick Cave)
Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Chuck Berry)
Brown Sugar (Rolling Stones)
Brown-Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
Brownsville Girl (Bob Dylan)
Bryter Layter (Nick Drake)
Buckets Of Rain (Bob Dylan)
Buckskin Stallion Blues (Townes Van Zandt)
Buffalo Ballet (John Cale)
Bummer In The Summer (Love)
Burden Of Tomorrow (Tallest Man On Earth)
Burma-Shave (Tom Waits)
Burned (Buffalo Springfield)
Burning Love (Elvis Presley)
Busload Of Faith (Lou Reed)
Busy Doin' Nothin' (Beach Boys)
The Busy Girl Buys Beauty (Billy Bragg)
The Butcher (Leonard Cohen)
By The Time My Head Gets To Phoenix (Peter Bruntnell) (Misc)
By The Rivers Dark (Leonard Cohen)
Bye And Bye (Bob Dylan)


Cabinessence (Beach Boys)
Cadillac Ranch (Bruce Springsteen)
The Calculation (Regina Spektor)
Caledonia Mission (Band)
Calico Skies (Paul McCartney)
Calico Skies (Paul McCartney)
California (Joni Mitchell)
California Girls (Beach Boys)
California Saga/Big Sur (Beach Boys)
California Saga/California (Beach Boys)
California Saga/The Beaks Of Eagles (Beach Boys)
California Stars (Billy Bragg)
Call Letter Blues (Bob Dylan)
Call Me On Your Way Back Home (Ryan Adams)
Came So Far For Beauty (Leonard Cohen)
Campaign Of Hate (Libertines)
Campaigner (Neil Young)
Can You Hear The Music (Rolling Stones)
Can You Please Crawl (Bob Dylan)
Can't Buy Me Love (Beatles)
Can't Escape (Bob Dylan)
Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound (Simon and Garfunkel)
Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley)
Can't Slow Down (Tim Hardin)
Can't Stand Me Now (Libertines)
Can't Wait (Bob Dylan)
Can't Wait Too Long (Beach Boys)
Can't Win (Richard Thompson)
Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Rolling Stones)
Canadee-i-o (Bob Dylan)
Canadee-i-o (Nic Jones)
Candy Man Blues (Mississippi John Hurt)
Candy Says (Velvet Underground)
Candy's Room (Bruce Springsteen)
Cannibal's Hymn (Nick Cave)
Cant Get You Off Of My Mind (Hank Williams)
Cant Help Falling In Love (Bob Dylan)
Cape Canaveral (Bright Eyes)
The Captain (Leonard Cohen)
Captain Kennedy (Neil Young)
Car Crazy Cutie (Beach Boys)
Car On A Hill (Joni Mitchell)
Car Wheels On A Gravel Road (Lucinda Williams)
Caravan (Van Morrison)
Carbon Monoxide (Regina Spektor)
Cardboard Boxes (Loudon Wainwright)
Cardiff Bay (Martyn Joseph)
Carey (Joni Mitchell)
Caribbean Wind (Bob Dylan)
Carnival (Bert Jansch)
Carol (Chuck Berry)
Carolina (Adam Green)
Carolina Rain (Ryan Adams)
Caroline Says I (Lou Reed)
Caroline Says II (Lou Reed)
Caroline, No (Beach Boys)
Carry On Up The Morning (Babyshambles)
Carry That Weight (Beatles)
Carrying A Torch (Van Morrison)
Carrying Cathy (Ben Folds)
Cars Hiss By My Window (Doors)
Cartwheels (Patti Smith)
Casey Jones (Mississippi John Hurt)
Cast No Shadow (Oasis)
Castles In The Air (Don McLean)
Castles And Tassels (Adam Green)
Cat's In The Well (Bob Dylan)
Catch A Wave (Beach Boys)
Catfish (Bob Dylan)
Catfish Blues (Skip James) (Misc)
Catskill Serenade (Bob Dylan)
'Cause It's Love (Saint Parallelogram) (Robyn Hitchcock)
Cautious Man (Bruce Springsteen)
Celebrate The News (Beach Boys)
Cello Song (Nick Drake)
Celluloid Heroes (Kinks)
Cemetary Polka (Tom Waits)
Champagne Supernova (Oasis)
Change The World (Eric Clapton)
The Changeling (Doors)
Changes (David Bowie)
Changing Of The Guards (Bob Dylan)
Chapel Of Love (Beach Boys)
Charlemagne (John Cale)
Charley's Girl (Lou Reed)
Chelsea Hotel (Dan Bern)
Chelsea Hotel (Leonard Cohen)
Cherry Licorice (Felice Brothers)
Cherry, Cherry Coupe (Beach Boys)
Chest Fever (Band)
Chickfactor (Belle and Sebastian)
Child Is Father Of The Man (Beach Boys)
Childs Christmas In Wales (John Cale)
Chimes Of Freedom (Bob Dylan)
Chocolate Jesus (Tom Waits)
Chooser And The Chosen One (Lou Reed)
Chrismas Day (Beach Boys)
Christmas (Who)
Christmas Blues (Bob Dylan)
Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis (Tom Waits)
Christmas In Cape Town (Randy Newman)
Christmas Island (Bob Dylan)
Christmas Must Be Tonight (Band)
The Christmas Song (Bob Dylan)
Christmas TV (Slow Club)
Chug-A-Lug (Beach Boys)
Cigarette (Ben Folds)
Cigarette Burns Forever (Adam Green)
Cigarettes And Alcohol (Oasis)
Cindy, Oh Cindy (Beach Boys)
Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young)
Citizen Ship (Patti Smith)
City Lights (Flamin' Groovies)
City Of Gold (Bob Dylan)
Claim To Fame (Lou Reed)
Clang Of The Yankee Reaper (Van Dyke Parks) (Misc)
Clap Hands (Tom Waits)
Clare To Here (Ralph McTell)
Clean Cut Kid (Bob Dylan)
Closing Time (Leonard Cohen)
Clothes Line Saga (Bob Dylan)
Clothes Of Sand (Nick Drake)
Cloudy (Simon and Garfunkel)
Cobwebs (Ryan Adams)
Cocaine (Eric Clapton)
Coffee Blues (Mississippi John Hurt)
Cold Cold Ground (Tom Waits)
Cold Irons Bound (Bob Dylan)
Cold Roses (Ryan Adams)
Cold Water (Tom Waits)
Colorado Girl (Townes Van Zandt)
Columbia (Oasis)
Come On Up To The House (Tom Waits)
Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams)
Come Running (Van Morrison)
Come Together (Beatles)
Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown (Neil Young)
Comes A Time (Neil Young)
Coming Back To You (Leonard Cohen)
Coming Down (Anais Mitchell)
Coming Down Again (Rolling Stones)
Coming From The Heart (The Road Is Long) (Bob Dylan)
Commit A Crime (Rolling Stones)
Commotion (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Computer Show (Adam Green)
Concert Tonite (Brian Wilson)
Coney Island Baby (Tom Waits)
Coney Island Baby (Lou Reed)
Congratulations (Travelling Wilburys)
The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (Beatles)
Cooksferry Queen (Richard Thompson)
Cool (Gwen Stefani) (Misc)
Cool Dry Place (Travelling Wilburys)
Cool It Down (Velvet Underground)
Cool, Cool Water (Beach Boys)
Copper Kettle (Bob Dylan)
Copperhead Road (Steve Earle)
Corrina, Corrina (Bob Dylan)
Cortez The Killer (Neil Young)
Cotton Fields (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (Beach Boys)
Countin' On A Miracle (Bruce Springsteen)
Country Air (Beach Boys)
Country Feelin' (Brian Wilson)
Country Home (Neil Young)
Country Honk (Rolling Stones)
Country Pie (Bob Dylan)
County Fair (Beach Boys)
Court And Spark (Joni Mitchell)
Courting Is A Pleasure (Nic Jones)
Cousin Kevin (Who)
Covenant Woman (Bob Dylan)
Cover Down, Break Through (Bob Dylan)
Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen)
Cowgirl In The Sand (Neil Young)
Coyote (Joni Mitchell)
Cracked Actor (David Bowie)
Crawl Back (Under My Stone) (Richard Thompson)
Crawling King Snake (Doors)
Crayon Angels (Judee Sill)
Crazy Feeling (Lou Reed)
Crazy Love (Van Morrison)
Crazy Love (Van Morrison)
Crazy Man Michael (Richard Thompson)
Cremation (Lou Reed)
Crime In The City (Neil Young)
Cripple Creek Ferry (Neil Young)
Crippled Inside (John Lennon)
Cross My Heart (Bruce Springsteen)
Cross The Green Mountain (Bob Dylan)
Cross-Tie Walker (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Crossed Out Name (Ryan Adams)
Crosseyed Heart (Keith Richards) (Rolling Stones)
Crossroads (Don McLean)
Crossroads (Eric Clapton)
Crossroads (Tom Waits)
Crow Jane (Skip James) (Misc)
Crumb Begging Baghead (Babyshambles)
Crush On You (Bruce Springsteen)
Cry (Brian Wilson)
Cry Awhile (Bob Dylan)
Cry Baby Cry (Beatles)
Crying, Waiting, Hoping (Buddy Holly)
Cuckoo Clock (Beach Boys)
Cuddle Up (Beach Boys)
The Curse Of Millhaven (Nick Cave)
Custom Machine (Beach Boys)
Cut My Hair (Who)
Cyprus Avenue (Van Morrison)


D Sharp G (Sharon Van Etten)
D'You Know What I Mean? (Oasis)
Daddy's Little Girl (Brian Wilson)
The Daily Planet (Love)
Daisy (Bonus) (Laura Marling)
Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains) (Ryan Adams)
Dance All Night (Ryan Adams)
Dance Anthem Of The 80's (Regina Spektor)
Dance Me To The End Of Love (Leonard Cohen)
Dance To Another Tune (First Aid Kit)
Dance, Dance, Dance (Beach Boys)
Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith)
Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen)
Dancing With Mr D (Rolling Stones)
Dandelion Blues (Incredible String Band)
Danger Bird (Neil Young)
The Dangling Conversation (Simon and Garfunkel)
Danville Dame (Tim Hardin)
Dark Eyes (Bob Dylan)
Darkness On The Edge Of Town (Bruce Springsteen)
Darlin' (Beach Boys)
Darling Corey (Crooked Still)
Darlington Country (Bruce Springsteen)
David Watts (Kinks)
Day After Tomorrow (Tom Waits)
Day Is Done (Nick Drake)
Day Of The Locusts (Bob Dylan)
Days (Kinks)
Days Aren't Long Enough (Steve Earle)
Days Of 49 (Bob Dylan)
Days That Used To Be (Neil Young)
Daysleeper (REM)
Dayton Ohio 1903 (Randy Newman)
Dead Dog (Felice Brothers)
Dead End Street (Kinks)
Dead Flowers (Townes Van Zandt)
Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones)
Dead Leaves And Dirty Ground (White Stripes)
Dead Man Dead Man (Bob Dylan)
Deanna (Nick Cave)
Dear Chicago (Ryan Adams)
Dear Doctor (Rolling Stones)
Dear Heather (Leonard Cohen)
Dear John (Ryan Adams)
Dear Landlord (Bob Dylan)
Dear Prudence (Beatles)
Death Don't Have No Mercy (Reverend Gary Davis) (Misc)
Death Is Not The End (Bob Dylan)
Death Letter (White Stripes)
Death Of A Clown (Kinks)
Death Of Emmett Till (Bob Dylan)
Death On The Stairs (Libertines)
Death To My Hometown (Bruce Springsteen)
The Death Of Blind Boy Fuller (Brownie McGhee) (Misc)
Death Of A Ladies' Man (Leonard Cohen)
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (Kinks)
Deep River Blues (Misc)
Deft Left Hand (Babyshambles)
Deirdre (Beach Boys)
Delia (Bob Dylan)
Delivery (Babyshambles)
Democracy (Leonard Cohen)
Deportees (Woody Guthrie)
Depot, Depot (Tom Waits)
Desolation Row (Bob Dylan)
Destinies Entwined (Waterboys)
Devil In Disguise (Elvis Presley)
Devil's Arcade (Bruce Springsteen)
The Devil's Been Busy (Travelling Wilburys)
Devil's Resting Place (Laura Marling)
Devil's Right Hand (Steve Earle)
Devils And Dust (Bruce Springsteen)
Devoted To You (Beach Boys)
Diamond Joe (Bob Dylan)
Diamonds And Gold (Tom Waits)
Diamonds And Rust (Joan Baez) (Misc)
Diamonds In The Mine (Leonard Cohen)
Diamonds On My Windshield (Tom Waits)
Dic Penderyn (Martyn Joseph)
The Difference (Wallflowers)
Differently (Neil Young)
Dig It (Beatles)
Dig A Pony (Beatles)
Dignity (Bob Dylan)
Digsy's Dinner (Oasis)
Dime Store Mystery (Lou Reed)
Dimming Of The Day (Richard Thompson)
Ding Dang (Beach Boys)
Dink's Song (Bob Dylan)
Dink's Song (Fare Thee Well) (Misc)
Dirge (Bob Dylan)
Dirt Road Blues (Bob Dylan)
Dirt In The Ground (Tom Waits)
Dirty Blvd. (Lou Reed)
Dirty Dream Number Two (Belle and Sebastian)
The Dirty Jobs (Who)
Dirty Old Town (Pogues)
Dirty Rain (Ryan Adams)
Dirty World (Travelling Wilburys)
Disease Of Conceit (Bob Dylan)
Disney Girls (1957) (Beach Boys)
Divine (Laura Marling)
Dixie Chicken (Little Feat)
Dixie Flyer (Randy Newman)
Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It? (Buffalo Springfield)
Do I Have To Dance All Night (Leonard Cohen)
Do It Again (Beach Boys)
Do Re Mi (Woody Guthrie)
Do Right To Me Baby (Bob Dylan)
Do You Have Any Regrets? (Brian Wilson)
Do You Hear What I Hear (Bob Dylan)
Do You Like Worms (Beach Boys)
Do You Love Me (Nick Cave)
Do You Remember (Beach Boys)
Do You Think It's Alright? (Who)
Do You Wanna Dance? (Beach Boys)
Doctor My Eyes (Jackson Browne)
Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street? (Bruce Springsteen)
Dog On Wheels (Belle and Sebastian)
Don't Ask Me Why (Laura Marling)
Don't Back Down (Beach Boys)
Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley)
Don't Be Denied (Neil Young)
Don't Be Shy (Libertines)
Don't Change Your Plans (Ben Folds)
Don't Come Around Here No More (Tom Petty)
Don't Cry No Tears (Neil Young)
Don't Do It (Sharon Van Etten)
Don't Do Me Like That (Tom Petty)
Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight (Bob Dylan)
Don't Go Away (Oasis)
Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On (Leonard Cohen)
Don't Go Near The Water (Beach Boys)
Don't Hurt My Little Sister (Beach Boys)
Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel (Brian Wilson)
Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young)
Don't Let Me Bring You Down (Laura Marling)
Don't Let Me Down (Beatles)
Don't Look Back In Anger (Oasis)
Don't Look Back Into The Sun (Libertines)
Don't Make Promises (Tim Hardin)
Don't Marry Her (Beautiful South)
Don't Pass Me By (Laura Marling)
Don't Pass Me By (Beatles)
Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) (Beach Boys)
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Bob Dylan)
Don't Wake The Scarecrow (Felice Brothers)
Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys)
Don't Ya Tell Henry (Bob Dylan)
The Donor (Judee Sill)
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) (Rolling Stones)
Down Along The Cove (Bob Dylan)
Down In The Flood (Bob Dylan)
Down On The Corner (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Down The Highway (Bob Dylan)
Down To You (Joni Mitchell)
Down Where The Valleys Are Low (Judee Sill)
Down By The River (Neil Young)
Down, Down, Down (Tom Waits)
Downbound Train (Bruce Springsteen)
Downtown (Tom Waits)
Downtown Dirt (Lou Reed)
Downtown Train (Tom Waits)
Dr. Jimmy (Who)
Dream Angel (Brian Wilson)
Dream In Blue (Stray Birds)
Dream On (Felice Brothers)
The Dreamer (Tallest Man On Earth)
Dreamer (Dennis Wilson)
Dreamin' (Lou Reed)
Dreamin' Man (Neil Young)
Dreamin' Of You (Bob Dylan)
Dreidel (Don McLean)
Dress Rehearsal Rag (Leonard Cohen)
Drifter's Escape (Bob Dylan)
Driftin' Too Far From Shore (Bob Dylan)
Drive (REM)
Drive All Night (Bruce Springsteen)
Drive Back (Neil Young)
Drive My Car (Beatles)
Drive-In (Beach Boys)
Drive-In Saturday (David Bowie)
Drowned (Who)
The Drowned Lovers (Nic Jones)
Drunk On The Moon (Tom Waits)
Drunken Angel (Lucinda Williams)
Dry Lightning (Bruce Springsteen)
Drying Of The Lawns (Tallest Man On Earth)
Duncan (Simon and Garfunkel)
Duncan And Brady (Bob Dylan)
Duncan And Brady (Dave Van Ronk) (Misc)
Duquesne Whistle (Bob Dylan)
Dusty Old Fairgrounds (Bob Dylan)
Dyin' Day (Anais Mitchell)
Dying On The Vine (John Cale)


The E Street Shuffle (Bruce Springsteen)
Early Morning Rain (Bob Dylan)
Early Roman Kings (Bob Dylan)
Earth Died Screaming (Tom Waits)
Ease Your Feet Into The Sea (Belle and Sebastian)
Easy (Laura Marling)
Easy Money (Nick Cave)
Easy Money (Bruce Springsteen)
Easy Plateau (Ryan Adams)
Ecstasy (Crooked Still)
Edit (Regina Spektor)
Eet (Regina Spektor)
Eggs And Sausage (Tom Waits)
Eight Days A Week (Beatles)
Eight Line Poem (David Bowie)
Eight Miles High (Byrds)
Eileen Aroon (Bob Dylan)
Eleanor Rigby (Beatles)
Elegie (Patti Smith)
Emily (John Cale)
Emily (Adam Green)
Emmylou (First Aid Kit)
Emotional Weather Report (Tom Waits)
Emotionally Yours (Bob Dylan)
Empty Pocket Blues (Incredible String Band)
Empty Sky (Bruce Springsteen)
Enchanted Sky Machines (Judee Sill)
The End (Beatles)
The End (Ryan Adams)
End Of The Innocence (Bob Dylan)
End Of The Line (Travelling Wilburys)
End Of The Show (Dennis Wilson)
Endless Cycle (Lou Reed)
The Endless Plain Of Fortune (John Cale)
English Girl (Robyn Hitchcock)
English Girls Approximately (Ryan Adams)
Erie Canal (Bruce Springsteen)
Essence (Lucinda Williams)
Eternal Circle (Bob Dylan)
European Son (Velvet Underground)
Evaporated (Ben Folds)
Even When I'm Blue (Steve Earle)
Even The Losers (Tom Petty)
Every Grain Of Sand (Bob Dylan)
Every Little Thing (Beatles)
Every Man A King (Randy Newman)
Every Time It Rains (Randy Newman)
Every Time The Sun Comes Up (Sharon Van Etten)
Everybody Hurts (REM)
Everybody Knows (Ryan Adams)
Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen)
Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Rolling Stones)
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Neil Young)
Everybody's Gonna Be Happy (Kinks)
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (Beatles)
Everyday (Buddy Holly)
Everyday I Write The Book (Elvis Costello)
Everyone (Van Morrison)
Everyone's In Love With You (Beach Boys)
Everything Goes To Hell (Tom Waits)
Everything I Own (David Gates)
Everything Is Broken (Bob Dylan)
Everything You Can Think (Tom Waits)
Excitable Boy (Warren Zevon)
Expecting To Fly (Buffalo Springfield)
Eyeball Kid (Tom Waits)
Eyes On The Prize (Bruce Springsteen)
Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker) (Who)


F*!#in' Up (Neil Young)
Factory (Bruce Springsteen)
Factory Girl (Rolling Stones)
Fade Away (Bruce Springsteen)
Fade In-Out (Oasis)
Fade Like A Shadow (KT Tunstall)
Fair (Ben Folds)
Fairytale Of New York (Christy Moore)
Fairytale Of New York (Pogues)
The Faith (Leonard Cohen)
Fakin' It (Simon and Garfunkel)
Falling Down (Tom Waits)
Falling In Love (Randy Newman)
False Hope (Laura Marling)
Famous Blue Raincoat (Leonard Cohen)
Fannin Street (Tom Waits)
Far From Me (Nick Cave)
Far Leys/Sketch 1 (Nick Drake)
Faraway Eyes (Rolling Stones)
Farewell (Bob Dylan)
Farewell Angelina (Bob Dylan)
Farewell My Friend (Dennis Wilson)
Farewell To The Gold (Nic Jones)
Farmer John (Neil Young)
Farmer's Daughter (Babyshambles)
Farmer's Daughter (Beach Boys)
Fast Freight (Tim Hardin)
Fat Man In The Bathtub (Little Feat)
Father Of Night (Bob Dylan)
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend (John Cale)
Feel A Whole Lot Better (Byrds)
Feel Flows (Beach Boys)
Feels Like Home (Randy Newman)
Fell In Love With A Girl (White Stripes)
Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground)
Feuilles-O (Simon and Garfunkel)
Fiddle About (Who)
Fidelity (Regina Spektor)
Field Below (Regina Spektor)
Field Commander Cohen (Leonard Cohen)
Field Of Opportunity (Neil Young)
Fifth Dimension (Byrds)
Filipino Box Spring Hog (Tom Waits)
Fill Your Heart (David Bowie)
Find The River (REM)
Finders Keepers (Beach Boys)
Fingerprints (Leonard Cohen)
Firecracker (Ryan Adams)
Fired (Ben Folds)
First Day Of My Life (Bright Eyes)
First Girl I Loved (Incredible String Band)
First Love Song (Tim Hardin)
First Noel (Bob Dylan)
First Song (Ralph McTell)
The First Time (Brian Wilson)
First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen)
Fish And Bird (Tom Waits)
Fisherman's Blues (Waterboys)
Fishin' Blues (Taj Mahal) (Misc)
Five Years (David Bowie)
Fix It (Ryan Adams)
Fixin' To Die (Bob Dylan)
Fixing A Hole (Beatles)
Flaming Pie (Paul McCartney)
Flanagan's Song (Robyn Hitchcock)
The Flandyke Shore (Nic Jones)
Flash Pan Hunter (Tom Waits)
Flicker And Fail (Bonus) (Laura Marling)
Floater (Too Much To Ask) (Bob Dylan)
Flower's Grave (Tom Waits)
The Flowers (Regina Spektor)
Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall (Simon and Garfunkel)
Fly (Nick Drake)
Flyin' Shoes (Townes Van Zandt)
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Buffalo Springfield)
Foggy Notion (Velvet Underground)
Folding Chair (Regina Spektor)
Follow The Flag (Randy Newman)
Follow The Leader (Lou Reed)
Follow The Lights (Ryan Adams)
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
Fool's Gold (Ryan Adams)
Fool's Paradise (Buddy Holly)
Foot Of Pride (Bob Dylan)
For A Dancer (Jackson Browne)
For Everyman (Jackson Browne)
For Free (Joni Mitchell)
For Lovers (Pete Doherty)
For No One (Beatles)
For Shame Of Doing Wrong (Richard Thompson)
For The Sake Of The Song (Townes Van Zandt)
For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield)
For You (Bruce Springsteen)
For You Blue (Beatles)
For The Turnstiles (Neil Young)
Foreign Affair (Tom Waits)
Forever (Beach Boys)
Forever For Her Is Over For Me (White Stripes)
Forever Young (Fast) (Bob Dylan)
Forever Young (Slow) (Bob Dylan)
Forgetful Heart (Bob Dylan)
Foundations (Beautiful South)
Fountain Of Sorrow (Jackson Browne)
Four Eyes (Randy Newman)
Four In The Morning (George C. Remaily) (Misc)
Four Strong Winds (Bob Dylan)
Four Strong Winds (Neil Young)
Fourth Of July (Beach Boys)
Fourth Time Around (Bob Dylan)
Fox In The Snow (Belle and Sebastian)
Francesca (Roy Harper)
Frank's Song (Tom Waits)
Frank's Theme (Tom Waits)
Frank's Wild Years (Tom Waits)
Frankie (Mississippi John Hurt)
Frankie And Albert (Bob Dylan)
Frankie's Gun (Felice Brothers)
Fred Jones Part 2 (Ben Folds)
Frederick (Patti Smith)
Free As A River (Alan Fletcher) (Misc)
Free Fallin' (Tom Petty)
Free Man In Paris (Joni Mitchell)
Free Money (Patti Smith)
Free Ride (Nick Drake)
Free As A Bird (Beatles)
Freight Train Blues (Bob Dylan)
French Dog Blues (Babyshambles)
Fretless (REM)
Friday Night (Dennis Wilson)
Friends (Beach Boys)
Friends Of Mine (Adam Green)
Froggie Went A-Courtin' (Bob Dylan)
Froggie Went A-Courtin' (Bruce Springsteen)
From A Buick 6 (Bob Dylan)
From Galway To Graceland (Richard Thompson)
From Hank To Hendrix (Neil Young)
From Me To You (Beatles)
From The Morning (Nick Drake)
Frosty The Snowman (Beach Boys)
Fruit Tree (Nick Drake)
Fruits Of My Labour (Lucinda Williams)
Fuck Forever (Babyshambles)
Full Moon And Empty Arms (Bob Dylan)
Fumblin' With The Blues (Tom Waits)
Fun, Fun, Fun (Beach Boys)
Funky Pretty (Beach Boys)
Furry Sings The Blues (Joni Mitchell)
Further On (Up The Road) (Bruce Springsteen)
The Fuse (Bruce Springsteen)
The Future (Leonard Cohen)


Galveston Bay (Bruce Springsteen)
Galway Girl (Steve Earle)
The Gardener (Tallest Man On Earth)
Gassed And Stoked (Lou Reed)
The Gate (Belle and Sebastian)
Gates Of Eden (Bob Dylan)
Gather 'Round (Love)
Genesis Hall (Richard Thompson)
Genius Next Door (Regina Spektor)
George Jackson (Bob Dylan)
Georgia Lee (Tom Waits)
Get Back (Beatles)
Get Behind The Mule (Tom Waits)
Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying (Belle and Sebastian)
Get Off My Cloud (Rolling Stones)
Get Rhythm (Johnny Cash)
Gethsemane (Richard Thompson)
Gettin' Hungry (Beach Boys)
Getting Better (Beatles)
Getting In Tune (Who)
Ghost Dance (Patti Smith)
Ghost Of A Smile (Pogues)
The Ghost Of You Walks (Richard Thompson)
Ghost Riders In The Sky (Johnny Cash)
The Ghost Of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen)
The Ghosts Of Saturday Night (Tom Waits)
The Gift (Velvet Underground)
Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones)
Gimme Some Truth (John Lennon)
Gimme Something Good (Ryan Adams)
Gin Soaked Boy (Tom Waits)
Girl (Beatles)
Girl Don't Tell Me (Beach Boys)
The Girl From New York City (Beach Boys)
Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan)
Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan)
Girl From The Red River Shore (Bob Dylan)
The Girl In The Dirty Shirt (Oasis)
Girl Of My Best Friend (Elvis Presley)
Girl On The Green Briar Shore (Bob Dylan)
Girls In Their Summer Clothes (Bruce Springsteen)
Girls On The Beach (Beach Boys)
Give Judy My Notice (Ben Folds)
Give Me Another Chance (Big Star)
Give Out (Sharon Van Etten)
Give Them A Token (Adam Green)
Givin' You Up (Carl Wilson)
Glad Tidings (Van Morrison)
Glass Onion (Beatles)
Glastonbury Song (Waterboys)
Gloria (Patti Smith)
Gloria's Eyes (Bruce Springsteen)
Glory Days (Bruce Springsteen)
Go Easy (Ryan Adams)
Go No More A-Roving (Leonard Cohen)
Go To The Mirror Boy (Who)
Go And Say Goodbye (Buffalo Springfield)
God (John Lennon)
God Is In The House (Nick Cave)
God Knows (Bob Dylan)
God Loves A Drunk (Richard Thompson)
God Only Knows (Beach Boys)
God Said No (Dan Bern)
God Says Nothing Back (Wallflowers)
God's Away On Business (Tom Waits)
God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind) (Randy Newman)
Goin To Acapulco (Bob Dylan)
Goin' Back (Neil Young)
Goin' Back (Byrds)
Goin' Back To Bed (Tony Joe White) (Misc)
Goin' Down Geneva (Van Morrison)
Goin' Down Slow (Tom Waits)
Goin' Home (Neil Young)
Goin' Mobile (Who)
Goin' Out West (Tom Waits)
Going Going Gone (Bob Dylan)
Going Going Gone (Felice Brothers)
Going Home (Randy Newman)
Going Nowhere (Oasis)
Golden Autumn Day (Van Morrison)
Golden Loom (Bob Dylan)
Golden Slumbers (Beatles)
Golden Vanity (Bob Dylan)
Gone (Ben Folds)
Gone Again (Patti Smith)
Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking (Bob Dylan)
Good Day Sunshine (Beatles)
Good Evening Mr. Waldheim (Lou Reed)
The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This (Love)
Good Morning Good Morning (Beatles)
Good Night (Beatles)
The Good Old Days (Libertines)
Good Rockin' Tonight (Elvis Presley)
Good Time (Beach Boys)
Good To My Baby (Beach Boys)
Good Vibrations (Beach Boys)
Good Year For The Roses (Elvis Costello)
Goodbye (Steve Earle)
Goodbye Mass (Lou Reed)
Goodnight Irene (Brian Wilson)
Goodnight Ladies (Lou Reed)
Goodnight Rose (Ryan Adams)
Gospel Plow (Bob Dylan)
Gospel Train (Tom Waits)
Got My Mind Made Up (Bob Dylan)
Got To Know The Woman (Beach Boys)
Got What I Need (Felice Brothers)
Got The Blues (Can't Be Satisifed) (Mississippi John Hurt)
Gotta Serve Somebody (Bob Dylan)
Gotta Travel On (Bob Dylan)
Graduation Day (Beach Boys)
Graham Greene (John Cale)
The Grammy (Carl Wilson)
Grand Coulee Dam (Woody Guthrie)
Grapefruit Moon (Tom Waits)
Great Day (Paul McCartney)
The Great Event (Leonard Cohen)
The Great Nations Of Europe (Randy Newman)
Green Eyes (Nick Cave)
Green Grass (Tom Waits)
Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Greetings To The New Brunette (Billy Bragg)
Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar (Bob Dylan)
Growin' Up (Bruce Springsteen)
Guess God Thinks I'm Abel (Oasis)
Guess I'm Doin' Fine (Bob Dylan)
Guess I'm Dumb (Beach Boys)
The Guests (Leonard Cohen)
Guilty (Randy Newman)
Guitar Man (David Gates)
Guitar Town (Steve Earle)
Gun (John Cale)
Gun Street Girl (Tom Waits)
Gurdjieffs's Daughter (Laura Marling)
Guts (John Cale)
Gypsy Biker (Bruce Springsteen)
Gypsy Lou (Bob Dylan)
The Gypsy's Wife (Leonard Cohen)


HELP Is On The Way (Beach Boys)
The Ha Ha Wall (Libertines)
Hackney Marsh (Slow Club)
Had A Dream About You, Baby (Bob Dylan)
Had Me A Girl (Tom Waits)
Had To Phone Ya (Beach Boys)
Half Of What We Know (Crooked Still)
Half Past France (John Cale)
Hallelujah (John Cale)
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)
Halloween Parade (Lou Reed)
Halloweenhead (Ryan Adams)
Handle With Care (Travelling Wilburys)
Handsome Molly (Bob Dylan)
Handy Dandy (Bob Dylan)
Handyman Blues (Billy Bragg)
Hang Down Your Head (Tom Waits)
Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (Misc)
Hang On St. Christopher (Tom Waits)
Hang On To Yourself (David Bowie)
Hangin' 'Round (Lou Reed)
Hanging On A Star (Nick Drake)
Hangman (Roy Harper)
Hanky Panky Nohow (John Cale)
Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Beatles)
Happy (Rolling Stones)
Happy Days (Misc)
Happy Days Are Here Again (Brian Wilson)
Hard On Me (Richard Thompson)
Hard Times (Bob Dylan)
Hard Times In New York Town (Bob Dylan)
Hard Travelin' (Woody Guthrie)
Hard Way To Fall (Ryan Adams)
Hardest Part (Ryan Adams)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Bob Dylan)
Harry's Circumcision (Lou Reed)
Harvest (Neil Young)
Harvest Breed (Nick Drake)
Harvest Moon (Neil Young)
Hate To See You Go (Rolling Stones)
Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Have You Seen My Baby (Flamin' Groovies)
Have You Seen My Baby? (Randy Newman)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Bob Dylan)
Hawaii (Beach Boys)
Hazel (Bob Dylan)
Hazey Jane I (Nick Drake)
Hazey Jane II (Nick Drake)
He Came Down (Beach Boys)
He Came To My Window (Beach Boys)
He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move (Brian Wilson)
He Gives Speeches (Beach Boys)
He Was A Friend Of Mine (Bob Dylan)
He Was My Brother (Simon and Garfunkel)
Head Held High (Velvet Underground)
Heading For The Light (Travelling Wilburys)
Heads You Win, Tails I Lose (Beach Boys)
Heart Of Mine (Bob Dylan)
Heart Of Gold (Neil Young)
The Heart Of Saturday Night (Tom Waits)
Heart Of Stone (Rolling Stones)
Heart With No Companion (Leonard Cohen)
Heartattack And Vine (Tom Waits)
Heartbeat (Buddy Holly)
Heartbreak Hotel (Elvis Presley)
Heaven (Carl Wilson)
Heaven On A Sunday (Paul McCartney)
Hedda Gabler (John Cale)
The Hedgehog's Song (Incredible String Band)
Hejira (Joni Mitchell)
Helen Of Troy (John Cale)
Hello (Oasis)
Hello Goodbye (Beatles)
Help Me (Joni Mitchell)
Help Me Rhonda (Brian Wilson) (Beach Boys)
Help Me Ronda (Beach Boys)
Help! (Beatles)
Helpless Dancer (Who)
Helter Skelter (Beatles)
Henry Lee (Nick Cave)
Her Eyes Dart Round (Felice Brothers)
Her Majesty (Beatles)
Here Come The Swells (Peter Bruntnell) (Misc)
Here Comes My Girl (Tom Petty)
Here Comes The Night (Beach Boys)
Here Comes The Sun (Beatles)
Here It Is (Leonard Cohen)
Here She Comes (Beach Boys)
Here She Comes Now (Velvet Underground)
Here Today (Beach Boys)
Here Comes Santa Claus (Bob Dylan)
Here, There And Everywhere (Beatles)
Hero Blues (Bob Dylan)
Heroes (Oasis)
Heroes (David Bowie)
Heroes And Villains (Beach Boys)
Heroes And Villains (alt) (Beach Boys)
Heroin (Velvet Underground)
Hesitation Blues (Misc)
Hesitation Blues (Reverend Gary Davis) (Misc)
Hey Bulldog (Beatles)
Hey Hey Revolver (Felice Brothers)
Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) (Neil Young)
Hey Jude (Beatles)
Hey Now! (Oasis)
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (Leonard Cohen)
Hide Your Love (Rolling Stones)
Higgs Boson Blues (Nick Cave)
High Flyin' Baby (Flamin' Groovies)
High Flying Bird (Misc)
High Summer (Van Morrison)
High Water (For Charlie Patton) (Bob Dylan)
High On Rebellion (Patti Smith)
Highlands (Bob Dylan)
Highway 29 (Bruce Springsteen)
Highway 51 Blues (Bob Dylan)
Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan)
Highway Kind (Townes Van Zandt)
Highway Patrolman (Bruce Springsteen)
Hit Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) (Misc)
Hitchhiker (Neil Young)
Hold Me (Carl Wilson)
Hold On (Tom Waits)
Hold On (Lou Reed)
Hold On (John Lennon)
Hold On Dear Brother (Beach Boys)
Homeward Bound (Simon and Garfunkel)
Honest With Me (Bob Dylan)
Honey Don't (Beatles)
Honey Pie (Beatles)
Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance (Bob Dylan)
Honkin' Down The Highway (Beach Boys)
Honky Tonk Women (Rolling Stones)
Hoo Doo Blues (Rolling Stones)
Horn (Nick Drake)
Horror Show (Libertines)
Hors D'Oeuvres (Roy Harper)
Hospital Song (Ben Folds)
Hot Dusty Roads (Buffalo Springfield)
Hotel Song (Regina Spektor)
Hotel Yorba (White Stripes)
Hotter (Brian Wilson)
Hound Dog (Elvis Presley)
House Carpenter (Bob Dylan)
House Of The Rising Sun (Bob Dylan)
House Of The Rising Sun (Tim Hardin)
House Where Nobody Lives (Tom Waits)
How (John Lennon)
How Can I? (Laura Marling)
How Can We Hang On To A Dream (Tim Hardin)
How Do You Keep Love Alive (Ryan Adams)
How Do You Sleep (John Lennon)
How Do You Think It Feels (Lou Reed)
How Long (Tim Hardin)
How Long Will I Love You? (Waterboys)
How She Boogalooed It (Beach Boys)
Howl (Laura Marling)
Huck's Tune (Bob Dylan)
Hully Gully (Beach Boys)
Human Highway (Neil Young)
Human Touch (Bruce Springsteen)
Human Of The Year (Regina Spektor)
Humbled In Love (Leonard Cohen)
The Humpback Whale (Nic Jones)
Hungry Heart (Bruce Springsteen)
Hunter's Lullaby (Leonard Cohen)
Hurricane (Bob Dylan)
Hurry Love (Carl Wilson)
Hurt (Johnny Cash)
Hushabye (Beach Boys)
Hyacinth House (Doors)
Hymn (Patti Smith)


I Ain't Got No Home (Billy Bragg)
I Ain't Got No Home (Woody Guthrie)
I Am A Lonesome Hobo (Bob Dylan)
I Am A Rock (Simon and Garfunkel)
I Am Lonely (Bert Jansch)
I Am The Man Thomas (Bob Dylan)
I Am The Rain (Pete Doherty)
I And I (Bob Dylan)
I Beg Your Pardon (Tom Waits)
I Believe In Love (Lou Reed)
I Believe In You (Bob Dylan)
I Believe In You (Neil Young)
I Can Hear Music (Beach Boys)
I Can See Elvis (Waterboys)
I Can't Forget (Leonard Cohen)
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)
I Can't Quit You Baby (Rolling Stones)
I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (Elvis Costello)
I Can't Wait To Get Off Work (Tom Waits)
I Do (Beach Boys)
I Don't Believe You (Bob Dylan)
I Don't Like Mondays (Boomtown Rats)
I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier (John Lennon)
I Don't Want To Go Home (Southside Johnny) (Misc)
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (Elvis Costello)
I Don't Want To Let You Down (Sharon Van Etten)
I Don't Want To Grow Up (Tom Waits)
I Dreamed I Saw St Augustine (Bob Dylan)
I Drink (Mary Gauthier) (Misc)
I Feel A Change Comin' On (Bob Dylan)
I Feel Fine (Beatles)
I Feel So Good (Richard Thompson)
I Feel Your Love (Laura Marling)
I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (Bob Dylan)
I Found A Reason (Velvet Underground)
I Found A Way (First Aid Kit)
I Found Out (John Lennon)
I Get Along (Libertines)
I Get Around (Beach Boys)
I Got The Blues (Rolling Stones)
I Gotta Go (Rolling Stones)
I Hate The Whiteman (Roy Harper)
I Heard Her Call My Name (Velvet Underground)
I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You (Tom Waits)
I Hope, I Think, I Know (Oasis)
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (White Stripes)
I Just Got My Pay (Beach Boys)
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times (Beach Boys)
I Keep A Close Watch (John Cale)
I Know (Sharon Van Etten)
I Know There's An Answer (Beach Boys)
I Know Where The Summer Goes (Belle and Sebastian)
I Left A Woman Waiting (Leonard Cohen)
I Love LA (Randy Newman)
I Love To Say Da-Da (Beach Boys)
I Love You But I Don't Know What To Say (Ryan Adams)
I Love You But I'm Lost (Sharon Van Etten)
I Made A Lover's Prayer (Gillian Welch)
I Me Mine (Beatles)
I Miss You (Randy Newman)
I Misunderstood (Richard Thompson)
I Need To Know (Tom Petty)
I Never Talk To Strangers (Tom Waits)
I Often Dream Of Trains (Robyn Hitchcock)
I Pity The Poor Immigrant (Bob Dylan)
I Pray When I'm Drunk (Robyn Hitchcock)
I Put A Spell On You (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles)
I See Monsters (Ryan Adams)
I Shall Be Free (Bob Dylan)
I Shall Be Free No. 10 (Bob Dylan)
I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan)
I Shall Be Released (Band)
I Shot The Sheriff (Eric Clapton)
I Should Have Known Better (Beatles)
I Should Have Known Better (Beach Boys)
I Sleep Alone (Brian Wilson)
I Still Dream (Richard Thompson)
I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash)
I Taught Myself How To Grow Old (Ryan Adams)
I Think It's Going To Rain Today (Randy Newman)
I Threw It All Away (Bob Dylan)
I Tried To Leave You (Leonard Cohen)
I Used To Love You (Robyn Hitchcock)
I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash)
I Wanna Be Your Lover (Bob Dylan)
I Wanna Marry You (Bruce Springsteen)
I Wanna Pick You Up (Beach Boys)
I Wanna Roo You (Van Morrison)
I Want Everyone To Like Me (Randy Newman)
I Want To Do Something For You (Mance Lipscombe) (Misc)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (Beatles)
I Want You (Bob Dylan)
I Want You (Tom Waits)
I Want You (Elvis Costello)
I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Beatles)
I Want You Back (Jackson Five) (Misc)
I Want You To Hurt Like I Do (Randy Newman)
I Was An Eagle (Laura Marling)
I Was In The House When The House Burned Down (Warren Zevon)
I Was Just A Card (Laura Marling)
I Was Made To Love Her (Beach Boys)
I Was Made To Love Magic (Nick Drake)
I Was Young When I Left Home (Bob Dylan)
I Went To Sleep (Beach Boys)
I Will (Beatles)
I Wish (Babyshambles)
I Wish I Were Blind (Bruce Springsteen)
I Won't Back Down (Tom Petty)
I Won't Be Found (Tallest Man On Earth)
I Wish I Was In New Orleans (Tom Waits)
I'd Have You Any Time (George Harrison)
I'd Love Just Once To See You (Beach Boys)
I'd Sure Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day (Bob Dylan)
I'll Be Back (Beatles)
I'll Be Gone (Tom Waits)
I'll Be Here In The Morning (Townes Van Zandt)
I'll Be Home (Randy Newman)
I'll Be Home For Christmas (Bob Dylan)
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Bob Dylan)
I'll Be Your Mirror (Velvet Underground)
I'll Bet He's Nice (Beach Boys)
I'll Cry Instead (Beatles)
I'll Follow The Sun (Beatles)
I'll Keep It With Mine (Bob Dylan)
I'll Remember You (Bob Dylan)
I'll Sail This Ship Alone (Beautiful South)
I'll Shoot The Moon (Tom Waits)
I'll Take New York (Tom Waits)
I'll Work For Your Love (Bruce Springsteen)
I'm A Dreamer (Sandy Denny) (Richard Thompson)
I'm A Fool For You (Bob Dylan)
I'm A Fool To Want You (Bob Dylan)
I'm A Loser (Beatles)
I'm A Rocker (Bruce Springsteen)
I'm Alright (Loudon Wainwright)
I'm Bugged At My Ol' Man (Beach Boys)
I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It) (Randy Newman)
I'm Free (Who)
I'm Goin' Down (Bruce Springsteen)
I'm Gonna Love You Too (Buddy Holly)
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You (Beatles)
I'm In Great Shape / Barnyard (Beach Boys)
I'm In Love With A Girl (Big Star)
I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Elvis Presley)
I'm Lonely But I Ain't That Lonely Yet (White Stripes)
I'm Looking Through You (Beatles)
I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Kinks)
I'm Not The Loving Kind (John Cale)
I'm Not There (Bob Dylan)
I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)
I'm One (at Least) (Who)
I'm Only Sleeping (Beatles)
I'm Set Free (Velvet Underground)
I'm So Free (Lou Reed)
I'm So Tired (Beatles)
I'm So Young (Beach Boys)
I'm Sticking With You (Velvet Underground)
I'm Still Here (Tom Waits)
I'm Waiting For The Day (Beach Boys)
I'm Waiting For The Man (Velvet Underground)
I'm Your Late Night Evening Prostitute (Tom Waits)
I'm Your Man (Leonard Cohen)
I'm Your Teenage Prayer (Bob Dylan)
I'm A Cuckoo (Belle and Sebastian)
I've Been All Around This World (Bob Dylan)
I've Got A Feeling (Beatles)
I've Had Enough (Who)
Ice Cream Man (Tom Waits)
Ideology (Billy Bragg)
Idiot Prayer (Nick Cave)
Idiot Wind (Bob Dylan)
Idiot Wind (Demo) (Bob Dylan)
If (David Gates)
If Dogs Run Free (Bob Dylan)
If I Am A Stranger (Ryan Adams)
If I Could Talk To Love (Carl Wilson)
If I Didn't Have You (Randy Newman)
If I Fell (Beatles)
If I Had Possession (Robert Johnson) (Misc)
If I Knew (Tim Hardin)
If I Needed Someone (Beatles)
If I Needed You (Townes Van Zandt)
If I Should Fall Behind (Bruce Springsteen)
If I Were A Carpenter (Tim Hardin)
If It Be Your Will (Leonard Cohen)
If Not For You (George Harrison)
If Not For You (Bob Dylan)
If You Belonged To Me (Travelling Wilburys)
If You Don't Want Me (Mississippi John Hurt)
If You Ever Go To Houston (Bob Dylan)
If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Bob Dylan)
If You See Her, Say Hello (Bob Dylan)
If You Wanna (Paul McCartney)
If You're Feeling Sinister (Belle and Sebastian)
Ignoreland (REM)
Illegal Smile (John Prine) (Misc)
Imagination (Brian Wilson)
Imagine (John Lennon)
The Importance Of Being Idle (Oasis)
In Between Love (Tom Waits)
In Germany Before The War (Randy Newman)
In Line (Sharon Van Etten)
In Love With A Feeling (Babyshambles)
In My Life (Beatles)
In My Room (Beach Boys)
In My Secret Life (Leonard Cohen)
In My Time Of Dyin' (Bob Dylan)
In My Time Of Need (Ryan Adams)
In Search Of Little Sadie (Bob Dylan)
In The Back Of My Mind (Beach Boys)
In The Cold Cold Night (White Stripes)
In The Garden (Van Morrison)
In The Garden (Bob Dylan)
In The Ghetto (Elvis Presley)
In The Hearts Of Man (First Aid Kit)
In The Midnight (Van Morrison)
In The Parkin' Lot (Beach Boys)
In The Still Of The Night (Beach Boys)
In The Summertime (Bob Dylan)
In Waves (Slow Club)
In A Station (Band)
In The Colosseum (Tom Waits)
In The Neighborhood (Tom Waits)
Incident On 57th Street (Bruce Springsteen)
Independence Day (Bruce Springsteen)
Indiana (Andy Irvine) (Misc)
Innocent When You Dream (Tom Waits)
Inside Out (Travelling Wilburys)
Into My Arms (Nick Cave)
Into The Fire (Bruce Springsteen)
Into The Great Wide Open (Tom Petty)
Into The Mystic (Van Morrison)
Introduction (Nick Drake)
Invisible Empire (KT Tunstall)
Invisible Riverside (Ryan Adams)
Invitation To The Blues (Tom Waits)
Iodine (Leonard Cohen)
The Irish Rover (Pogues)
Is It In My Head? (Who)
Is It Wicked Not To Care (Belle and Sebastian)
Is There Any Way Out Of This Dream (Tom Waits)
Is This What You Wanted (Leonard Cohen)
Is Your Love In Vain? (Bob Dylan)
Isis (Bob Dylan)
Island Of No Return (Billy Bragg)
Isn't It A Pity (George Harrison)
Isolation (John Lennon)
It Ain't Easy (David Bowie)
It Ain't Me, Babe (Bob Dylan)
It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career (Belle and Sebastian)
It Don't Matter To Me (David Gates)
It Hurts Me Too (Bob Dylan)
It Makes No Difference (Band)
It Says Here (Billy Bragg)
It Takes A Lot To Laugh (Bob Dylan)
It Will Follow The Rain (Tallest Man On Earth)
It'll Never Happen Again (Tim Hardin)
It's A Boy (Who)
It's About Time (Beach Boys)
It's All Good (Bob Dylan)
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob Dylan)
It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding (Bob Dylan)
It's Getting Better (Man!!) (Oasis)
It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City (Bruce Springsteen)
It's Money That Matters (Randy Newman)
It's OK (Beach Boys)
It's So Easy (Buddy Holly)
It's So Hard (John Lennon)


Jack Of All Trades (Bruce Springsteen)
Jackaroe (Bob Dylan)
Jackson (Johnny Cash)
Jackson (Lucinda Williams)
Jackson Cage (Bruce Springsteen)
Jacksonville Skyline (Ryan Adams)
Jacob's Ladder (Bruce Springsteen)
Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley)
James Alley Blues (Richard "Rabbit" Brown) (Misc)
Jane (Ben Folds)
Jawbone (Band)
Jazz Police (Leonard Cohen)
Jealous Guy (John Lennon)
Jealous Words (Richard Thompson)
Jean Genie (David Bowie)
Jejune Stars (Bright Eyes)
Jemima Surrender (Band)
Jersey Girl (Tom Waits)
Jerusalem (Dan Bern)
Jerusalem (Steve Earle)
Jessie James (Bruce Springsteen)
Jesus (Velvet Underground)
Jesus Gonna Be Here (Tom Waits)
Jesus Was A Cross Maker (Judee Sill)
Jesus Was An Only Son (Bruce Springsteen)
Jesusland (Ben Folds)
Jet Pilot (Bob Dylan)
Jigsaw Puzzle (Rolling Stones)
Jim Jones (Bob Dylan)
Jitterbug Boy (Tom Waits)
Joan Of Arc (Leonard Cohen)
Jockey Full Of Bourbon (Tom Waits)
Joey (Bob Dylan)
Joey (Nick Drake)
John Brown (Bob Dylan)
John Henry (Bruce Springsteen)
John Wesley Harding (Bob Dylan)
Johnny 99 (Bruce Springsteen)
Johnny B Goode (Beach Boys)
Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)
Johnny Carson (Beach Boys)
Johnny Come Lately (Steve Earle)
Johnsburg, Illinois (Tom Waits)
Jokerman (Bob Dylan)
Jolene (Misc)
Jolene (White Stripes)
Jolene (Bob Dylan)
Jolly Coppers On Parade (Randy Newman)
Josephine (Wallflowers)
Journey Through The Past (Neil Young)
Joxer Goes To Stuttgart (Christy Moore)
Jubilee Street (Nick Cave)
Judge And Jury (Tim Hardin)
Judy (Beach Boys)
Judy And The Dream Of Horses (Belle and Sebastian)
Julia (Beatles)
Juliet (Thea Gilmore) (Misc)
Julius And Ethel (Bob Dylan)
Jungleland (Bruce Springsteen)
Just A Simple Soul (Bert Jansch)
Just Like A Woman (Bob Dylan)
Just Like I Treat You (Rolling Stones)
Just Like This Train (Joni Mitchell)
Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues (Bob Dylan)
Just Once In My Life (Beach Boys)
Just Your Fool (Rolling Stones)
Just The Right Bullets (Tom Waits)


Kate (Ben Folds)
Kathleen (Townes Van Zandt)
Kathleen (Catholicism Made Easier) (Randy Newman)
Kathy's Song (Simon and Garfunkel)
Keep An Eye On Summer (Brian Wilson)
Keep An Eye On Summer (Beach Boys)
Keep The Dream Alive (Oasis)
Keep Your Distance (Richard Thompson)
Keep Your Silver Shined (Devon Sproule)
Kentucky Avenue (Tom Waits)
Kevin's (Sharon Van Etten)
Key To The Highway (Big Bill Broonzy) (Misc)
Kicks (Lou Reed)
The Kids (Lou Reed)
Kids On The Run (Tallest Man On Earth)
Killamangiro (Babyshambles)
Kimberly (Patti Smith)
Kindhearted Woman Blues (Robert Johnson) (Misc)
The Kindness Of Strangers (Nick Cave)
King Harvest (Has Surely Come) (Band)
King Of Spain (Tallest Man On Earth)
King Of Bohemia (Richard Thompson)
King Of The World (First Aid Kit)
Kingfish (Randy Newman)
The Kiss (Judee Sill)
Kiss Me (Tom Waits)
Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer) (Misc)
Kiss Me Baby (Beach Boys)
Kitty's Back (Bruce Springsteen)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)
Know (Nick Drake)
Kodachrome (Simon and Garfunkel)
Kooks (David Bowie)


L'America (Doors)
LA (Neil Young)
LA Woman (Doors)
La Belle Et Las Bete (Babyshambles)
LaCienga Just Smiled (Ryan Adams)
Ladder Song (Bright Eyes)
Ladies Pay (Lou Reed)
Lady (Regina Spektor)
Lady (Beach Boys)
The Lady Came From Baltimore (Tim Hardin)
Lady Day (Lou Reed)
Lady Don't Fall Backwards (Pete Doherty)
Lady Godiva's Operation (Velvet Underground)
Lady Grinning Soul (David Bowie)
Lady Love (Beach Boys)
Lady Madonna (Beatles)
Lady Midnight (Leonard Cohen)
Lady Stardust (David Bowie)
Lady-O (Judee Sill)
The Lake Isle Of Innisfree (Waterboys)
Lakes Of Ponchartrain (Bob Dylan)
Lakes Of Pontchartrain (Paul Brady) (Misc)
The Lamb Ran Away With The Crown (Judee Sill)
Lana (Beach Boys)
Land (Patti Smith)
Land Ahoy (Beach Boys)
Land Of Hope And Dreams (Bruce Springsteen)
The Land Of Plenty (Leonard Cohen)
Landed (Ben Folds)
Landlock Blues (Bright Eyes)
Last Dance (Neil Young)
Last Great American Whale (Lou Reed)
Last Night (Travelling Wilburys)
Last Night I Had A Dream (Randy Newman)
Last Of The English Roses (Pete Doherty)
Last Post On The Bugle (Libertines)
The Last Rose Of Summer (Tom Waits)
Last Sweet Moments (Tim Hardin)
The Last Time (Rolling Stones)
The Last Time I Saw Richard (Joni Mitchell)
Last To Die (Bruce Springsteen)
The Last Trip To Tulsa (Neil Young)
Last Year's Man (Leonard Cohen)
Late For The Sky (Jackson Browne)
Laughing With (Regina Spektor)
The Law (Leonard Cohen)
Lawyers Guns And Money (Warren Zevon)
Lawyers Guns And Money (Warren Zevon)
Lawyers In Love (Jackson Browne)
Lay Down Burden (Brian Wilson)
Lay Down Sally (Eric Clapton)
Lay Down Your Weary Tune (Bob Dylan)
Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan)
Layla (Unplugged) (Eric Clapton)
Lazy Line Painter Jane (Belle and Sebastian)
Le Pastie De La Bourgeoisie (Belle and Sebastian)
Leah (Bruce Springsteen)
Leap Of Faith (Bruce Springsteen)
Learning The Game (Buddy Holly)
Learning To Fly (Tom Petty)
Leaves That Are Green (Simon and Garfunkel)
Leaving Green Sleeves (Leonard Cohen)
Leaving It Up To You (John Cale)
Leaving Me Behind (Nick Drake)
Leaving This Town (Beach Boys)
Lenny Bruce (Bob Dylan)
Lenny's Tune (Tim Hardin)
Leonard (Sharon Van Etten)
Leopardskin Pillbox Hat (Bob Dylan)
Let Him Run Wild (Brian Wilson)
Let Him Run Wild (Beach Boys)
Let It Be (Beatles)
Let It Be Me (Bob Dylan)
Let It Bleed (Rolling Stones)
Let It Blow (Richard Thompson)
Let It Down (George Harrison)
Let It Ride (Ryan Adams)
Let It Shine (Brian Wilson)
Let Love Speak Up Itself (Beautiful South)
Let Me Die In My Footsteps (Bob Dylan)
Let The Mermaid Flirt With Me (Mississippi John Hurt)
Let The Wind Blow (Beach Boys)
Let There Be Love (Oasis)
Let Us Down Easy (Ryan Adams)
Let Us Go On This Way (Beach Boys)
Let's Be Friends (Skin To Skin) (Bruce Springsteen)
Let's Put Our Heart's Together (Beach Boys)
Let's Roll (Neil Young)
Let's Stick Together (Bob Dylan)
Let's Stick Together (Brian Wilson)
The Letter (Beach Boys)
The Letters (Leonard Cohen)
The Levee's Gonna Break (Bob Dylan)
Levi Stubbs' Tears (Billy Bragg)
Licence To Kill (Bob Dylan)
Life Is Hard (Bob Dylan)
Life On Mars (David Bowie)
Light As The Breeze (Leonard Cohen)
Like A Hurricane (Neil Young)
Like A Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan)
Like A Ship [Bonus] (Travelling Wilburys)
Like Clockwork (Boomtown Rats)
Like Dylan In The Movies (Belle and Sebastian)
Like Soldiers Do (Billy Bragg)
Like The Wheel (Tallest Man On Earth)
Lily Of The West (Bob Dylan)
The Lily Of The West (Bert Jansch)
Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts (Bob Dylan)
Lime-Tree Arbour (Nick Cave)
Lincoln Continental (Felice Brothers)
The Line (Bruce Springsteen)
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (REM)
The Lion's Roar (First Aid Kit)
Listen To Her Heart (Tom Petty)
Little Bird (Beach Boys)
Little Bird (Laura Marling)
Little Blue (Beautiful South)
Little Boy Blue (Tom Waits)
Little Children (Brian Wilson)
Little Criminals (Randy Newman)
Little Deuce Coupe (Beach Boys)
The Little Drummer Boy (Bob Dylan)
Little Ghost (White Stripes)
Little Girl (You're My Miss America) (Beach Boys)
The Little Girl I Once Knew (Beach Boys)
Little Green (Joni Mitchell)
Little Honda (Beach Boys)
Little Love Caster (Laura Marling)
Little Maggie (Bob Dylan)
Little Nowhere Towns (Tallest Man On Earth)
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena (Beach Boys)
Little Pad (Beach Boys)
The Little Pot Stove (Nic Jones)
Little Rain (Rolling Stones)
Little Sadie (Crooked Still)
Little Sadie (Bob Dylan)
Little Saint Nick (Beach Boys)
Little Trip To Heaven (On The Wings Of Your Love) (Tom Waits)
Little Willow (Paul McCartney)
Little Wing (Neil Young)
Live Forever (Oasis)
Live And Let Live (Love)
Live With Me (Rolling Stones)
Livin The Blues (Bob Dylan)
Livin' In The Future (Bruce Springsteen)
Living Proof (Bruce Springsteen)
Living Without You (Randy Newman)
Lo And Behold (Bob Dylan)
Local Hero (Bruce Springsteen)
Lodi (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Lola (Kinks)
Lone Pilgrim (Bob Dylan)
Lonely (Tom Waits)
Lonely At The Top (Randy Newman)
Lonely Sea (Beach Boys)
The Loner (Neil Young)
Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Velvet Underground)
Lonesome Day (Bruce Springsteen)
Lonesome Day Blues (Bob Dylan)
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (Bob Dylan)
Lonesome Suzie (Band)
Lonesome Tears (Buddy Holly)
Lonesome Whistle (Hank Williams)
Long Ago Far Away (Bob Dylan)
Long Black Veil (Band)
The Long Goodbye (Bruce Springsteen)
Long May You Run (Neil Young)
Long Promised Road (Beach Boys)
Long Strange Golden Road (Waterboys)
Long Tall Texan (Beach Boys)
Long Time Coming (Bruce Springsteen)
Long Time Gone (Bob Dylan)
Long Walk Home (Bruce Springsteen)
The Long Way Around (Jackson Browne)
Long Way Home (Tom Waits)
Long And Wasted Years (Bob Dylan)
The Long And Winding Road (Beatles)
Long, Long, Long (Beatles)
Look At Me (John Lennon)
Look At Miss Ohio (Gillian Welch)
Look Out Cleveland (Band)
Look Out For My Love (Neil Young)
Lookin' For A Love (Neil Young)
Looking At Tomorrow (A Welfare Song) (Beach Boys)
Lookout Joe (Neil Young)
Looks Like I'm Up Shit Creek Again (Tom Waits)
Loop De Loop (Beach Boys)
Lopin' Along Thru The Cosmos (Judee Sill)
Lord Send Me An Angel (Blind Willie McTell) (Misc)
Lord, Protect My Child (Bob Dylan)
Loretta (Townes Van Zandt)
The Losing End (When You're On) (Neil Young)
Losing Lisa (Ben Folds)
Losing You (Randy Newman)
The Lost Art Of Murder (Babyshambles)
The Lost Canadian (Un Canadien Errant) (Leonard Cohen)
Lost In The Flood (Bruce Springsteen)
Lost In The Harbour (Tom Waits)
Lotta Love (Neil Young)
Louie, Louie (Beach Boys)
Louis Collins (Mississippi John Hurt)
Louis Collins (Mississippi John Hurt) (Misc)
Louis Collins (version 2) (Mississippi John Hurt)
Louisiana 1927 (Randy Newman)
Love (John Lennon)
Love Ain't For Keeping (Who)
Love And Mercy (Brian Wilson)
Love Be Brave (Laura Marling)
Love Calls You By Your Name (Leonard Cohen)
Love Henry (Bob Dylan)
Love Her Madly (Doors)
Love Hymn (Tim Hardin)
Love Is A Woman (Beach Boys)
Love Is All (Tallest Man On Earth)
Love Is Just A Four Letter Word (Bob Dylan)
Love Is Strange (Buddy Holly)
Love Itself (Leonard Cohen)
Love Letter (Nick Cave)
Love Like A Bomb (Oasis)
Love Me Do (Beatles)
Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley)
Love Me Tenderly (Felice Brothers)
Love Minus Zero / No Limit (Bob Dylan)
Love More (Sharon Van Etten)
Love Sick (Bob Dylan)
Love Ya (Brian Wilson)
Love You But You're Green (Babyshambles)
Love You To (Beatles)
Love And Only Love (Neil Young)
Love And War (Neil Young)
Love In Mind (Neil Young)
Love In Vain (Rolling Stones)
Love In Vain (Robert Johnson) (Misc)
Love To Burn (Neil Young)
Love, Reign O'er Me (Who)
Lovely Rita (Beatles)
Lover Lover Lover (Leonard Cohen)
Lovers Town Revisited (Billy Bragg)
Loving Cup (Rolling Stones)
Lowlands (Gillian Welch)
Lowside Of The Road (Tom Waits)
The Loyalty Song (Babyshambles)
Lua (Bright Eyes)
Luau (Beach Boys)
Lucinda (Tom Waits)
The Luckiest (Ben Folds)
Lucky Day (Tom Waits)
Lucky Day Overture (Tom Waits)
Lucky Town (Bruce Springsteen)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Beatles)
Lullaby (Tom Waits)
Luna Cariba (Tim Hardin)
Lungs (Townes Van Zandt)
Lyla (Oasis)


Macbeth (John Cale)
Machine (Regina Spektor)
Mad As The Mist And Snow (Waterboys)
Madame George (Van Morrison)
Madonna Of The Wasps (Robyn Hitchcock)
Maggie Mae (Beatles)
Maggie's Farm (Bob Dylan)
Magic (Bruce Springsteen)
Magic (Ben Folds)
Magic (guitar Version) (Nick Drake)
Magic And Loss (Lou Reed)
Magic Chords (Sharon Van Etten)
Magic Pie (Oasis)
Magician (Lou Reed)
Magnolia Mountain (Ryan Adams)
Make A Wish (Brian Wilson)
Make It Good (Beach Boys)
Make It With You (David Gates)
Make Me A Pallet (Gillian Welch)
Make Me A Pallet On The Floor (Mississippi John Hurt)
Make Me A Pallet On The Floor (Sam Chatmon) (Misc)
Make Up (Lou Reed)
Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan)
Mama Says (Beach Boys)
Mama Told Me Not To Come (Randy Newman)
Mama You Been On My Mind (Bob Dylan)
Man Gave Names To All The Animals (Bob Dylan)
Man In A Shed (Nick Drake)
The Man In Me (Bob Dylan)
Man In The Long Black Coat (Bob Dylan)
Man Of A Thousand Faces (Regina Spektor)
Man Of Constant Sorrow (Bob Dylan)
Man Of Peace (Bob Dylan)
Man On The Moon (REM)
The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy (John Cale)
The Man Who Would Be King (Libertines)
The Man With All The Toys (Beach Boys)
The Man In The Iron Mask (Billy Bragg)
Man's Job (Bruce Springsteen)
Mansion On The Hill (Bruce Springsteen)
Mansion On The Hill (Neil Young)
Marcella (Beach Boys)
Marchin' To The City (Bob Dylan)
Margarita (Travelling Wilburys)
Maria's Bed (Bruce Springsteen)
Marie (Randy Newman)
Marilyn (Dan Bern)
Married With Children (Oasis)
Martha (Tom Waits)
Martha My Dear (Beatles)
Mary Ann (Bob Dylan)
Mary Jane's Last Dance (Tom Petty)
Mary Of The Wild Moor (Bob Dylan)
Mary Queen Of Arkansas (Bruce Springsteen)
Mary's Place (Bruce Springsteen)
Master Hunter (Laura Marling)
Master Song (Leonard Cohen)
Masters Of War (Bob Dylan)
Matamoras Banks (Bruce Springsteen)
The Mating Of The Doves (Felice Brothers)
Matty Groves (Richard Thompson)
Maxine [Bonus] (Travelling Wilburys)
Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Beatles)
May You Never (John Martyn) (Misc)
Maybe Baby (Buddy Holly)
Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney)
Maybe Someday (Bob Dylan)
Maybe The People Would Be The Times (Love)
Maybellene (Chuck Berry)
Maybelline (Babyshambles)
Mayfair (Nick Drake)
Mayfly (Belle and Sebastian)
Me And My Woman (Roy Harper)
Me And The Major (Belle and Sebastian)
Mean Mr. Mustard (Beatles)
The Meaning Of Soul (Oasis)
Meant For You (Beach Boys)
Medley: Jack And Neal/California, Here I Come (Tom Waits)
Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight (Brian Wilson)
Meet Me In The Morning (Bob Dylan)
Meet On The Ledge (Richard Thompson)
Meeting Across The River (Bruce Springsteen)
Mellow My Mind (Neil Young)
Melt Away (Brian Wilson)
Memories (Leonard Cohen)
Memphis Tennessee (Chuck Berry)
Men Of Good Fortune (Lou Reed)
Mercy (Felice Brothers)
Mercy Now (Mary Gauthier) (Misc)
Mercy Seat (Nick Cave)
Mercy Wind (Tim Hardin)
Merry Christmas, Baby (Beach Boys)
Merry Go Round (Babyshambles)
Mess (Ben Folds)
Michelle (Beatles)
Midnight Lullaby (Tom Waits)
Midnight Man (Nick Cave)
Midnight Rambler (Rolling Stones)
Milk Thistle (Bright Eyes)
The Milkman Of Human Kindness (Billy Bragg)
Million Dollar Bash (Bob Dylan)
Million Miles (Bob Dylan)
Mind Games (John Lennon)
Mingus Eyes (Richard Thompson)
Minstrel Boy (Bob Dylan)
Miracle Cure (Who)
Miracle Man (Elvis Costello)
Mirror (Beautiful South)
Misery (Flamin' Groovies)
Misery Is The River Of The World (Tom Waits)
Missing The War (Ben Folds)
Mississippi (Bob Dylan)
Mississippi (demo) (Bob Dylan)
Mississippi And You (Bob Dylan)
Misty Roses (Tim Hardin)
Mixed Emotions (Rolling Stones)
Mixed Up Confusion (Bob Dylan)
Mockin' Bird (Tom Waits)
Mona (Beach Boys)
Monday Morning Blues (Mississippi John Hurt)
Moneylenders In The Temple (Bright Eyes)
Monkey Man (Rolling Stones)
The Monkey's Uncle (Beach Boys)
Monster Mash (Beach Boys)
Monty Got A Raw Deal (REM)
Moon Is Up (Rolling Stones)
Moon River (Bob Dylan)
Moon River (Misc)
Moonage Daydream (David Bowie)
Moondance (Van Morrison)
Moonlight (Bob Dylan)
Moonlight Mile (Rolling Stones)
Moonshine (Dennis Wilson)
Moonshine Whiskey (Van Morrison)
Moonshiner (Bob Dylan)
More News From Nowhere (Nick Cave)
More Than Rain (Tom Waits)
Morning Glory (Oasis)
Morning Glory (Leonard Cohen)
Most Likely You Go Your Way (Bob Dylan)
Most Of The Time (Bob Dylan)
Motel Blues (Loudon Wainwright)
Mother (John Lennon)
Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) (Neil Young)
Mother Nature's Son (Beatles)
Mother Rose (Patti Smith)
Mother's Little Helper (Rolling Stones)
Motion Pictures (Neil Young)
Motorcycle Mama (Neil Young)
Motorpsycho Nightmare (Bob Dylan)
Mountain Of Love (Beach Boys)
Mozambique (Bob Dylan)
Mr Bojangles (Bob Dylan)
Mr Disappointment (Neil Young)
Mr Mudd And Mr Gold (Townes Van Zandt)
Mr Pleasant (Kinks)
Mr President (Randy Newman)
Mr Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan)
Mr Tambourine Man (Byrds)
Mr Wilson (John Cale)
Mr. Siegal (Tom Waits)
Mrs Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel)
Mrs. McGrath (Bruce Springsteen)
Mucky Fingers (Oasis)
Mull Of Kintyre (Paul McCartney)
Murder In The Red Barn (Tom Waits)
Muriel (Tom Waits)
The Muse (Laura Marling)
Music When The Lights Go Out (Libertines)
Must Be Santa (Bob Dylan)
Must I Paint You A Picture? (Billy Bragg)
Mutineer (Warren Zevon)
Mutineer (Warren Zevon)
My Back Pages (Bob Dylan)
My Beautiful Reward (Bruce Springsteen)
My Best Was Never Good Enough (Bruce Springsteen)
My Big Mouth (Oasis)
My Blakean Year (Patti Smith)
My City Of Ruins (Bruce Springsteen)
My Country (Randy Newman)
My Creole Belle (Mississippi John Hurt)
My Doorbell (White Stripes)
My Father's House (Bruce Springsteen)
My First Lover (Gillian Welch) (Misc)
My Friend The Sun (Family) (Misc)
My Friends (Laura Marling)
My Hometown (Bruce Springsteen)
My Man On Love (Judee Sill)
My Mummy's Dead (John Lennon)
My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) (Neil Young)
My Oklahoma Home (Bruce Springsteen)
My Old Friend The Blues (Steve Earle)
My Old Kentucky Home (Randy Newman)
My Old Man (Joni Mitchell)
My Shit's Fucked Up (Warren Zevon)
My Sister Lover (Oasis)
My Sweet Lord (George Harrison)
My Wife (Who)
My Wife And My Dead Wife (Robyn Hitchcock)
My Wife's Home Town (Bob Dylan)
My Winding Wheel (Ryan Adams)
Mystery Train (Elvis Presley)


Nadine (Chuck Berry)
Naked Man (Randy Newman)
Narcissist (Libertines)
Narrow Way (Bob Dylan)
Nashville Skyline Rag (Bob Dylan)
Natural Beauty (Neil Young)
Nearest Thing To Hip (Waterboys)
Nebraska (Bruce Springsteen)
Need A Woman (Bob Dylan)
The Needle And The Damage Done (Neil Young)
Needle Of Death (Bert Jansch)
Neighborhood Bully (Bob Dylan)
Nettie Moore (Bob Dylan)
Never Any Good (Leonard Cohen)
Never Gonna Be The Same Again (Bob Dylan)
Never Learn Not To Love (Beach Boys)
Never Say Goodbye (Bob Dylan)
Never Too Far (Tim Hardin)
New Age (Velvet Underground)
New Biography (Van Morrison)
New Blue Moon (Travelling Wilburys)
New Coat Of Paint (Tom Waits)
New Love Grows On Trees (Pete Doherty)
New Mama (Neil Young)
New Morning (Bob Dylan)
New Orleans Wins The War (Randy Newman)
New Pony (Bob Dylan)
New Railroad (Crooked Still)
The New Timer (Bruce Springsteen)
New Year's Eve (First Aid Kit)
New York City Serenade (Bruce Springsteen)
New York Telephone Conversation (Lou Reed)
New York, New York (Ryan Adams)
Next Time (Laura Marling)
Night (Bruce Springsteen)
Night After Night (Laura Marling)
Night Comes On (Leonard Cohen)
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Band)
Night Time (Brian Wilson)
Night Time Is The Right Time (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
The Night Was So Young (Beach Boys)
The Night We Called It A Day (Bob Dylan)
Nightbirds (Ryan Adams)
Nighthawk Postcards (From Easy Street) (Tom Waits)
Nightingale (Leonard Cohen)
Nightswimming (REM)
Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead-End Street) (Bob Dylan)
Ninth And Hennepin (Tom Waits)
No Chance (Lou Reed)
No Expectations (Rolling Stones)
No Gods And Precious Few Heroes (Dick Gaughan) (Misc)
No More Auction Block (Bob Dylan)
No One Knows I'm Gone (Tom Waits)
No One Knows My Name (Gillian Welch)
No Place To Fall (Townes Van Zandt)
No Reply (Beatles)
No Surrender (Bruce Springsteen)
No Time To Think (Bob Dylan)
No-Go Showboat (Beach Boys)
Noble Surfer (Beach Boys)
Nobody (Tom Waits)
Nobody Cares For Me (Mississippi John Hurt)
Nobody Cept You (Bob Dylan)
Nobody Knows That I'm A Fraud (Grace Petrie) (Misc)
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (Tim Hardin)
Nobody's Business (Lou Reed)
Nobody's Business (Mississippi John Hurt)
Nobody's Child [Bonus] (Travelling Wilburys)
North Country Blues (Bob Dylan)
North And South Of The River (Christy Moore)
Northern Sky (Nick Drake)
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (Beatles)
Not Alone Any More (Travelling Wilburys)
Not Dark Yet (Bob Dylan)
Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly)
Not The Same (Ben Folds)
Nothing Comes To Nothing (Babyshambles)
Nothing Man (Bruce Springsteen)
Nothing Not Never (Laura Marling)
Nothing Was Delivered (Bob Dylan)
Nouel (Laura Marling)
November (Tom Waits)
November Tale (Waterboys)
Now Be Thankful (Richard Thompson)
Now She's Gone (Steve Earle)
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (Buffalo Springfield)
Nowhere At All (Lou Reed)
Nowhere Man (Beatles)


O Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) (Bob Dylan)
O Little Town Of Bethlehem (Bob Dylan)
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Beatles)
Obviously Five Believers (Bob Dylan)
The Ocean Doesn't Want Me (Tom Waits)
October Song (Incredible String Band)
Octopus's Garden (Beatles)
Odds And Ends (Bob Dylan)
Ode To Divorce (Regina Spektor)
Of The Times (Carl Wilson)
Oh Atlanta (Little Feat)
Oh Boy (Buddy Holly)
Oh Gin (Velvet Underground)
Oh Jim (Lou Reed)
Oh Mary Don't You Weep (Mississippi John Hurt)
Oh My Lord (Nick Cave)
Oh My Love (John Lennon)
Oh My Sweet Carolina (Ryan Adams)
Oh Sister (Bob Dylan)
Oh Yoko (John Lennon)
Oh You Pretty Things (David Bowie)
Oh! Darling (Beatles)
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' (Velvet Underground)
Oh, Lonesome Me (Neil Young)
Oh, Mary, Don't You Weep (Bruce Springsteen)
Ol' 55 (Tom Waits)
Old Blue Jeans (Tim Hardin)
Old Boyfriends (Tom Waits)
Old Dan Tucker (Bruce Springsteen)
Old Folks At Home/Ol' Man River (Beach Boys)
Old Friends (Simon and Garfunkel)
Old King (Neil Young)
The Old Laughing Lady (Neil Young)
Old Man (Love)
Old Man (Neil Young)
Old Man On The Farm (Randy Newman)
Old Man's Song (John Tams) (Misc)
The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine (Beach Boys)
Old Old Woodstock (Van Morrison)
Old Red Eyes Is Back (Beautiful South)
The Old Revolution (Leonard Cohen)
Old Shoes (and Picture Postcards) (Tom Waits)
Old Soul Song (For The New World) (Bright Eyes)
Old Thames Side (Richard Thompson)
Old-Fashioned Hat (Anais Mitchell)
Ole! Tarantula (Robyn Hitchcock)
Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello)
On A Night Like This (Bob Dylan)
On Christmas Day (Brian Wilson)
On That Day (Leonard Cohen)
On The Nickel (Tom Waits)
On The Radio (Regina Spektor)
On The Road Again (Bob Dylan)
On A Foggy Night (Tom Waits)
On The Beach (Neil Young)
Once (Laura Marling)
Once Touched By Flame (Tim Hardin)
Once Upon A Town (Tom Waits)
One After 909 (Beatles)
One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces (Ben Folds)
One Day (Sharon Van Etten)
One Door Opens (Richard Thompson)
One For The Boys (Brian Wilson)
One Headlight (Wallflowers)
One Irish Rover (Van Morrison)
One Last Love Song (Beautiful South)
One Little Song (Gillian Welch)
One Man Guy (Loudon Wainwright)
One Monkey (Gillian Welch)
One More Cup Of Coffee (Bob Dylan)
One More Night (Bob Dylan)
One More Night Alone (Carl Wilson)
One More Time With Feeling (Regina Spektor)
One More Weekend (Bob Dylan)
One Of These Days (Velvet Underground)
One Of These Things First (Nick Drake)
One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) (Bob Dylan)
One Step Up (Bruce Springsteen)
The One That Got Away (Tom Waits)
One Too Many Mornings (Bob Dylan)
The One You Love (Randy Newman)
One Of These Days (Neil Young)
One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong (Leonard Cohen)
Only A Hobo (Bob Dylan)
Only A Pawn In Their Game (Bob Dylan)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young)
Only With You (Beach Boys)
Ooohhh Baby (Lou Reed)
Oops I Did It Again (Britney Spears) (Misc)
Open All Night (Bruce Springsteen)
Open The Door, Homer (Bob Dylan)
Orange Crate Art (Brian Wilson)
Orange Skies (Love)
Ordinary People (Neil Young)
Orphan Girl (Gillian Welch)
Other Side Of The World (KT Tunstall)
Our Car Club (Beach Boys)
Our Lady Of The Underground (Anais Mitchell)
Our Lady Of Solitude (Leonard Cohen)
Our Love (Sharon Van Etten)
Our Sweet Love (Beach Boys)
Out In The Country (Beach Boys)
Out In The Street (Bruce Springsteen)
Out On The Weekend (Neil Young)
Outlaw Blues (Bob Dylan)
Over And Over (Neil Young)
Overture (Who)
Oxford Town (Bob Dylan)


PS I Love You (Beatles)
Pacific Ocean Blues (Dennis Wilson)
Paint It Black (Rolling Stones)
The Painter (Neil Young)
Pair Of Brown Eyes (Pogues)
Palace Of Bone (Pete Doherty)
Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground)
Palisades Park (Beach Boys)
Pamela Jean (Beach Boys)
The Pan Within (Waterboys)
Pancho And Lefty (Townes Van Zandt)
Panic In Detroit (David Bowie)
Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow (Beach Boys)
Paper Houses (Bert Jansch)
Paper Thin Hotel (Leonard Cohen)
Paperback Writer (Beatles)
Parachute Woman (Rolling Stones)
Paradise (Bruce Springsteen)
Paraguay And Panama (Slow Club)
Parasite (Nick Drake)
Pardon My Heart (Neil Young)
Paris 1919 (John Cale)
Part Of The Queue (Oasis)
The Part You Throw Away (Tom Waits)
Part Of The Wind (Tim Hardin)
The Parting (Bert Jansch)
The Partisan (Leonard Cohen)
Partly Yours (Tim Hardin)
Passionate Kisses (Lucinda Williams)
Pasties And A G-string (Tom Waits)
Pastures Of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)
Paths Of Victory (Bob Dylan)
Pay Day (Mississippi John Hurt)
Pay Me My Money Down (Bruce Springsteen)
Pay In Blood (Bob Dylan)
Peace Signs (Sharon Van Etten)
Peace Of Mind (Neil Young)
Peaceable Kingdom (Patti Smith)
Peaceful Valley (Ryan Adams)
Peaceful Valley Boulevard (Neil Young)
The Pearl (Judee Sill)
Peggy Day (Bob Dylan)
Peggy Sue (Buddy Holly)
Penny Lane (Beatles)
Pentonville (Babyshambles)
People Ain't No Good (Nick Cave)
People Have The Power (Patti Smith)
People's Parties (Joni Mitchell)
Percy's Song (Bob Dylan)
Perfect 10 (Beautiful South)
Perfect Day (Lou Reed)
Persuasion (Richard Thompson)
The Phantom Cowboy (Judee Sill)
Philosophy (Ben Folds)
Philospher's Stone (Van Morrison)
The Phoenix (Judee Sill)
Photo Jenny (Belle and Sebastian)
The Piano Has Been Drinking (Tom Waits)
Piazza, New York Catcher (Belle and Sebastian)
Picking Up After You (Tom Waits)
Picture In A Frame (Tom Waits)
Piggies (Beatles)
Pinball Wizard (Who)
Pinball Wizard (Who)
Pink Moon (Nick Drake)
Pipedown (Babyshambles)
Pissing In A River (Patti Smith)
Pistol Dreams (Tallest Man On Earth)
Place To Be (Nick Drake)
Play With Fire (Rolling Stones)
Plea For A Good Night's Rest (Devon Sproule)
Please Call Me, Baby (Tom Waits)
Please Do Not Let Me Go (Ryan Adams)
Please Let Me Wonder (Beach Boys)
Please Mrs Henry (Bob Dylan)
Please Wake Me Up (Tom Waits)
Pledging My Time (Bob Dylan)
Po Boy (Bob Dylan)
Pocahontas (Neil Young)
Point Blank (Bruce Springsteen)
Poison Oak (Bright Eyes)
Political Science (Randy Newman)
Political World (Bob Dylan)
Politics (Waterboys)
Polly Vaughn (Bob Dylan)
Polythene Pam (Beatles)
Pom Pom Play Girl (Beach Boys)
Poncho's Lament (Tom Waits)
Pony (Tom Waits)
Pony Boy (Bruce Springsteen)
Poor Boy (Nick Drake)
The Poor Boy Is Taken Away (Richard Thompson)
Poor Edward (Tom Waits)
Poor House (Travelling Wilburys)
Poor Little Rich Boy (Regina Spektor)
Poor Wayfaring Stranger (Misc)
Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan)
Potter's Field (Tom Waits)
Powderfinger (Neil Young)
Power And Glory (Lou Reed)
Power And Glory Part II (Lou Reed)
Pray For Me (Laura Marling)
Precious Angel (Bob Dylan)
Precious Memories (Bob Dylan)
Precious Thing (Van Morrison)
Precious Time (Van Morrison)
Pressing On (Bob Dylan)
The Pretender (Jackson Browne)
Prettiest Eyes (Beautiful South)
Prettiest Star (David Bowie)
Pretty Boy Floyd (Woody Guthrie)
Pretty Peggy-O (Bob Dylan)
Pretty Saro (Bob Dylan)
The Price You Pay (Bruce Springsteen)
Privilege (Set Me Free) (Patti Smith)
Prodigal Son (Rolling Stones)
The Promise (Bruce Springsteen)
The Promised Land (Bruce Springsteen)
Promised Land (Chuck Berry)
Property Of Jesus (Bob Dylan)
Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Prove It All Night (Bruce Springsteen)
The Punk Meets The Godfather (Who)
Punky's Dilemma (Simon and Garfunkel)
Put The Book Back On The Shelf (Belle and Sebastian)
Putnam County (Tom Waits)


Quadrophenia (Who)
Queen Bee (Taj Mahal) (Misc)
Queen Bitch (David Bowie)
Queen Elvis (Robyn Hitchcock)
Queen Jane Approximately (Bob Dylan)
Quicksand (David Bowie)
Quicksilver Daydreams Of Maria (Townes Van Zandt)
Quinn The Eskimo (Bob Dylan)
Quit (Don't Say You Love Me) (Neil Young)


Racing In The Street (Bruce Springsteen)
Radio America (Libertines)
Radio Nowhere (Bruce Springsteen)
Rag Mama Rag (Band)
Ragged And Dirty (Bob Dylan)
Ragged And Dirty (William Brown) (Misc)
Railroad Bill (Bob Dylan)
Rain (Nick Drake)
Rain And The Wind (Bob Dylan)
Rain Dogs (Tom Waits)
Rainbow Eyes (Brian Wilson)
Rainbows (Dennis Wilson)
Raining In My Heart (Buddy Holly)
Rainy Day Women (Bob Dylan)
Raised On Robbery (Joni Mitchell)
Ramblin Down Through The World (Woody Guthrie)
Ramblin' Man (Hank Williams) (Hank Williams)
Ramblin' On My Mind (Eric Clapton)
Ramblin' On My Mind (Eric Clapton) (Misc)
Ramrod (Bruce Springsteen)
Rank Strangers To Me (Bob Dylan)
Rat Trap (Boomtown Rats)
Rattled (Travelling Wilburys)
Rave On (Buddy Holly)
Real Man (Bruce Springsteen)
The Real Me (Who)
Real World (Bruce Springsteen)
Really Love You (Paul McCartney)
Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin)
Reason To Believe (Bruce Springsteen)
Red Balloon (Tim Hardin)
Red Bandana (Randy Newman)
Red Right Hand (Nick Cave)
Red Shoes By The Drugstore (Tom Waits)
The Red Telephone (Love)
Red-Locust Frenzy (Robyn Hitchcock)
Rednecks (Randy Newman)
Redondo Beach (Patti Smith)
Reeperbahn (Tom Waits)
Refugee (Tom Petty)
Reminds Me Of You (Van Morrison)
Rene And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War (Simon and Garfunkel)
Rescue Blues (Ryan Adams)
Rest In The Bed (Laura Marling)
Restless Farewell (Bob Dylan)
Return To Sender (Elvis Presley)
Revelation Blues (Tallest Man On Earth)
Revenge (Patti Smith)
Revolution 1 (Beatles)
Revolution Blues (Neil Young)
Reynardine (Richard Thompson)
Richard (Billy Bragg)
Richland Woman Blues (Mississippi John Hurt)
Richland Woman Blues (Mississippi John Hurt) (Misc)
Ride 'Em In Down (Rolling Stones)
Ride My Llama (Neil Young)
Rider In The Rain (Randy Newman)
Rider On The Wheel (Nick Drake)
Riders On The Storm (Doors)
Ridge Rider (Judee Sill)
The Right Lane (Carl Wilson)
Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Ring Them Bells (Bob Dylan)
Rio Grande (Brian Wilson)
Rip This Joint (Rolling Stones)
The Rising (Bruce Springsteen)
Rita May (Bob Dylan)
River (Joni Mitchell)
The River (Bruce Springsteen)
River Man (Nick Drake)
River Song (Dennis Wilson)
Road (Nick Drake)
Road To Peace (Tom Waits)
Road To Ruin (Libertines)
Road To Joy (Bright Eyes)
The Rock (Who)
Rock 'N' Roll Star (Oasis)
Rock 'N' Roll Suicide (David Bowie)
Rock 'n' Roll Music (Beach Boys)
Rock And Roll (Velvet Underground)
Rock And Roll Heart (Lou Reed)
Rock Away The Days (Bruce Springsteen)
Rock N Roll Nigger (Patti Smith)
Rock Salt And Nails (Bob Dylan)
Rock And Roll Doctor (Little Feat)
Rockefeller Druglaw Blues (Felice Brothers)
Rockin' All Over The World (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Rockin' All Over The World (Carl Wilson)
Rockin' Chair (Tom Waits)
Rockin' Chair (Band)
Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young)
Rockin' The Suburbs (Ben Folds)
Rocks Off (Rolling Stones)
Rocky Ground (Bruce Springsteen)
Rocky Raccoon (Beatles)
Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner (Warren Zevon)
Roll Another Number (Neil Young)
Roll Of The Dice (Bruce Springsteen)
Roll On Arte (Felice Brothers)
Roll On John (Bob Dylan)
Roll On John (Bob Dylan)
Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)
Roll Um Easy (Little Feat)
Roll With It (Oasis)
Roll With The Punches (Randy Newman)
Roller Skating Child (Beach Boys)
Rollercoaster Ride (Belle and Sebastian)
Rollin' (Randy Newman)
Rollin' And Tumblin' (Bob Dylan)
Romance In Durango (Bob Dylan)
Romeo Had Juliette (Lou Reed)
Romeo And Juliet (Dire Straits) (Misc)
Romeo Is Bleeding (Tom Waits)
Rosalind (You Married The Wrong Guy) (Waterboys)
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (Bruce Springsteen)
The Rose Of Aberdeen (Simon and Garfunkel)
Rosie (Tom Waits)
Rosie (Jackson Browne)
Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) (Beautiful South)
Round And Round (It Won't Be Long) (Neil Young)
Ruby (Dave Rawlings) (Misc)
Ruby Baby (Beach Boys)
Ruby Mae (Felice Brothers)
Ruby Tuesday (Rolling Stones)
Ruby's Arms (Tom Waits)
Rumblin' (Neil Young)
Run Run Run (Velvet Underground)
Run For Your Life (Beatles)
Runaway [Bonus] (Travelling Wilburys)
Runnin' Down A Dream (Tom Petty)
Running Dry (Requiem For The Rockets) (Neil Young)
Running On Empty (Jackson Browne)
Rusty Cage (Johnny Cash)


Sabrina (Stray Birds)
Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands (Bob Dylan)
Sad Song (Lou Reed)
Sad Song (Oasis)
The Saga (Libertines)
Sail Away (Neil Young)
Sail Away (Randy Newman)
Sail On (Dick Gaughan) (Misc)
Sail On Sailor (Beach Boys)
Sailin' Shoes (Little Feat)
Sailor Song (Regina Spektor)
Saint Stephen's End (Felice Brothers)
Salinas (Laura Marling)
Sally Simpson (Who)
Sally Sue Brown (Bob Dylan)
Salome (Pete Doherty)
Salt Lake City (Beach Boys)
Salt Of The Earth (Rolling Stones)
Salty Dog (Mississippi John Hurt) (Misc)
Same Girl (Randy Newman)
The Same Old Rock (Roy Harper)
Sample And Hold (Neil Young)
Samson (Regina Spektor)
San Diego Serenade (Tom Waits)
San Miguel (Beach Boys)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Beach Boys)
Santa Fe (Bob Dylan)
Santa's Beard (Beach Boys)
Sara (Bob Dylan)
Sarah Jane (Bob Dylan)
Satellite Of Love (Lou Reed)
The Saturday Boy (Billy Bragg)
Saturday Sun (Nick Drake)
Save The Day (Brian Wilson)
Save Yourself (Sharon Van Etten)
Saved (Bob Dylan)
Saved These Words (Laura Marling)
Saving All My Love For You (Tom Waits)
Saving Grace (Bob Dylan)
Savoy Truffle (Beatles)
Sayonara (Pogues)
Sayonara Judge (Robyn Hitchcock)
Scarlet Town (Bob Dylan)
Sea Cruise (Beach Boys)
Sea And Sand (Who)
Searching For A Soldier's Grave (Hank Williams)
Sedan Delivery (Neil Young)
Sedative (Babyshambles)
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Bob Dylan)
See You Later Allen Ginsburg (Bob Dylan)
See The Sky About To Rain (Neil Young)
Seeds (Bruce Springsteen)
Seeing Other People (Belle and Sebastian)
Seeing The Real You At Last (Bob Dylan)
The Seeker (Who)
Seems So Long Ago (Carl Wilson)
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy (Leonard Cohen)
Selfless, Cold And Composed (Ben Folds)
Semi Suite (Tom Waits)
Senor (Bob Dylan)
Sensation (Who)
Senselessly Cruel (Lou Reed)
September 1913 (Waterboys)
September Gurls (Big Star)
Series Of Dreams (Bob Dylan)
Serpents (Sharon Van Etten)
Set Me Free (Kinks)
Seven (David Bowie)
Seven Curses (Bob Dylan)
Seven Days (Bob Dylan)
Seven Deadly Sins (Travelling Wilburys)
Seven Nation Army (White Stripes)
Seven Ways Of Going (Patti Smith)
Seven And Seven Is (Love)
Sexuality (Billy Bragg)
Sexy Sadie (Beatles)
Seymour Stein (Belle and Sebastian)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Beatles)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (Beatles)
Shackled And Drawn (Bruce Springsteen)
Shake Shake Mama (Bob Dylan)
Shake Some Action (Flamin' Groovies)
Shake That Thing (Mississippi John Hurt)
Shakermaker (Oasis)
Shallow Grave (Tallest Man On Earth)
Shame (Randy Newman)
The Shape I'm In (Band)
She (Elvis Costello)
She (Gram Parsons) (Misc)
She Belongs To Me (Bob Dylan)
She Came And She Touched Me (Townes Van Zandt)
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Beatles)
She Comes In Colours (Love)
She Knows Me Too Well (Beach Boys)
She Loves You (Beatles)
She Moved Through The Fair (Richard Thompson)
She Said It Was Destiny (Richard Thompson)
She Said She Said (Beatles)
She Says That She Needs Me (Brian Wilson)
She's Electric (Oasis)
She's Goin' Bald (Beach Boys)
She's Leaving Home (Beatles)
She's Mine (Carl Wilson)
She's My Baby (Travelling Wilburys)
She's My Best Friend (Lou Reed)
She's The One (Roy Harper)
She's Your Lover Now (Bob Dylan)
She's A Healer (Neil Young)
She's The One (Bruce Springsteen)
Sheepskin Tearaway (Pete Doherty)
Shelter From The Storm (Bob Dylan)
Shenandoah (Bob Dylan)
Shenandoah (Misc)
Shenandoah (Bruce Springsteen)
Shepherd (Anais Mitchell)
Sherry Darling (Bruce Springsteen)
The Shift (Beach Boys)
Shiloh Town (Tim Hardin)
Shine A Light (Rolling Stones)
Ship Song (Nick Cave)
Ship Of Fools (John Cale)
Shipbuilding (Elvis Costello)
Shiver Me Timbers (Tom Waits)
Shooting Star (Bob Dylan)
Shore Leave (Tom Waits)
Short Movie (Laura Marling)
Short People (Randy Newman)
Shot Of Love (Bob Dylan)
Shut Down (Beach Boys)
Shy Of The Moon (Wallflowers)
Sibella (Richard Thompson)
Sick Of You (Lou Reed)
The Side Of A Hill (Simon and Garfunkel)
Side Of The Road (Babyshambles)
The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight (REM)
Sights And Sounds Of London Town (Richard Thompson)
Sigmund Freud's Impersonation Of Albert Einstein In America (Randy Newman)
Sign Language (Bob Dylan)
Sign On The Cross (Bob Dylan)
Sign On The Window (Bob Dylan)
Sign Of Love (Neil Young)
Signed DC (Love)
Silver Bells (Bob Dylan)
Silver Dagger (Bob Dylan)
Silver Train (Rolling Stones)
Silvio (Bob Dylan)
Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear (Randy Newman)
Simple Song Of Freedom (Tim Hardin)
Simple Things (Belle and Sebastian)
Simple Twist Of Fate (Bob Dylan)
Sin City (Gram Parsons) (Misc)
Sinaloa Cowboys (Bruce Springsteen)
Since I've Laid This Burden Down (Mississippi John Hurt)
Sing Another Song, Boys (Leonard Cohen)
Singapore (Tom Waits)
Sinister Purpose (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Sins Of My Father (Tom Waits)
Sister Morphine (Rolling Stones)
Sister Ray (Velvet Underground)
Sisters Of Mercy (Leonard Cohen)
Sit Down I Think I Love You (Buffalo Springfield)
Sittin On A Barbed Wire Fence (Bob Dylan)
Sittin' On Top Of The World (Bob Dylan)
Sleep The Clock Around (Belle and Sebastian)
Slide Away (Oasis)
Slidin' Delta (Doc Watson) (Misc)
Sliding Delta (Mississippi John Hurt)
Slim Slow Slider (Van Morrison)
Slip On Through (Beach Boys)
Slip Slidin' Away (Simon and Garfunkel)
Slipping Away (Rolling Stones)
Sloop John B (Beach Boys)
Sloppy Drunk (Bob Dylan)
Slow Graffiti (Belle and Sebastian)
Slow Train (Bob Dylan)
Small Change (Tom Waits)
Smart Girls (Brian Wilson)
Smash The Mirror (Who)
Smoke (Ben Folds)
Smoke And Strong Whiskey (Christy Moore)
The Smokey Life (Leonard Cohen)
Smugglin' Man (Tim Hardin)
Snake Oil (Steve Earle)
So It Goes (Tom Waits)
So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams) (Hank Williams)
So Long I'll See Ya (Tom Waits)
So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen)
So You Think You're In Love (Robyn Hitchcock)
So You Want To Be (A Rock N Roll Star) (Patti Smith)
So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll (Byrds)
Soft Parachutes (Simon and Garfunkel)
Solar System (Beach Boys)
Soldier Of The Heart (Judee Sill)
Soldier's Things (Tom Waits)
Solid Rock (Bob Dylan)
Solitary Man (Johnny Cash)
Some Enchanted Evening (Bob Dylan)
Some Kinda Love (Velvet Underground)
Some Might Say (Oasis)
Someday (Steve Earle)
Someday Baby (Bob Dylan)
Somedays (Paul McCartney)
Someone To Love (Brian Wilson)
Someone's Gonna Rescue You (Neil Young)
Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart (Bob Dylan)
Someone's Looking At You (Boomtown Rats)
Something (Beatles)
Something In The Air (Tom Petty)
Something In The Night (Bruce Springsteen)
Something Is Burning Baby (Bob Dylan)
Something So Right (Simon and Garfunkel)
Something Special (Randy Newman)
Something There Is About You (Bob Dylan)
Sometimes I Wish I Was A Pretty Girl (Robyn Hitchcock)
Somewhere (Tom Waits)
Song For Bob Dylan (David Bowie)
Song For Whoever (Beautiful South)
Song Of Wandering Aengus (Waterboys)
Song To Woody (Bob Dylan)
Song For The Asking (Simon and Garfunkel)
Song For The Dumped (Ben Folds)
Song Of Bernadette (Leonard Cohen)
The Songs We Were Singing (Paul McCartney)
Soon After Midnight (Bob Dylan)
Soothing (Laura Marling)
Sophia (Laura Marling)
Soul Driver (Bruce Springsteen)
Soul Love (David Bowie)
Souled Out (Bright Eyes)
Soulful Ol' Man Sunshine (Beach Boys)
Souls Of The Departed (Bruce Springsteen)
Sound Of Free (Beach Boys)
The Sound Of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)
Sound Of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)
The Sound Of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)
Sounds Great When You're Dead (Robyn Hitchcock)
South American (Brian Wilson)
South Bay Surfer (Beach Boys)
Southern Butterfly (Tim Hardin)
Southern Man (Neil Young)
Souvenir (Paul McCartney)
Spanish Harlem Incident (Bob Dylan)
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (Bob Dylan)
Spare Parts (Bruce Springsteen)
Spare Parts I (A Nocturnal Emission) (Tom Waits)
Sparkle And Shine (Steve Earle)
Sparks (Who)
Sparks (2) (Who)
Speak Like A Child (Tim Hardin)
Speakin' Out (Neil Young)
Spirit Of America (Beach Boys)
Spirit Of Rock And Roll (Brian Wilson)
Spirit On The Water (Bob Dylan)
Spirit In The Night (Bruce Springsteen)
St James Infirmary (Misc)
St Judy's Comet (Simon and Garfunkel)
St Swithin's Day (Billy Bragg)
Stack O' Lee Blues (Mississippi John Hurt)
Stackalee (Bob Dylan)
Stage Fright (Band)
Stagger Lee (Nick Cave)
Stagger Lee (Tim Hardin)
Stagger Lee (Taj Mahal) (Misc)
Stand By Me (Oasis)
Stand By Me (John Lennon)
Standing In The Doorway (Bob Dylan)
Standing In The Breach (Jackson Browne)
Star (David Bowie)
Star Me Kitten (REM)
Star Star (Starfucker) (Rolling Stones)
Starman (David Bowie)
Stars Of Track And Field (Belle and Sebastian)
Start Me Up (Rolling Stones)
Starting A New Life (Van Morrison)
Starving In The Belly Of A Whale (Tom Waits)
The State I Am In (Belle and Sebastian)
State Trooper (Bruce Springsteen)
Statesboro Blues (Blind Willie McTell) (Misc)
Stay With Me (Bob Dylan)
Stay Young (Oasis)
Steamboat (Beach Boys)
Step It Up And Go (Bob Dylan)
Step Right Up (Tom Waits)
Stephanie Says (Velvet Underground)
Steven's Last Night In Town (Ben Folds)
Sticks And Stones (Babyshambles)
Still A Freak (Waterboys)
Still Fighting It (Ben Folds)
Still I Dream Of It (Beach Boys)
Stolen Car (Bruce Springsteen)
Stop Breaking Down (Rolling Stones)
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Tom Petty)
Stories Of The Street (Leonard Cohen)
Story Of Isaac (Leonard Cohen)
Straight Time (Bruce Springsteen)
(Straight To Your Heart) Like A Cannonball (Van Morrison)
Straight To The Top (Tom Waits)
Strange (Laura Marling)
Strange Brew (Eric Clapton)
Strange Meeting II (Nick Drake)
Strange Weather (Tom Waits)
The Stranger Song (Leonard Cohen)
Strawberry Fields (Beatles)
Strawberry Wine (Ryan Adams)
Strawman (Lou Reed)
Stray Cat Blues (Rolling Stones)
Street Fighting Man (Rolling Stones)
Streets Of Fire (Bruce Springsteen)
Streets Of Laredo (Johnny Cash)
Streets Of London (Ralph McTell)
String Bean Jean (Belle and Sebastian)
Strolling Down The Highway (Bert Jansch)
Stuck Inside Of Mobile (Bob Dylan)
Student Demonstration Time (Beach Boys)
Stump Blues (Big Bill Broonzy) (Misc)
Stupid Girl (Neil Young)
Substitute (Who)
Subterranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan)
Such A Scream (Tom Waits)
Such A Woman (Neil Young)
Suddenly I See (KT Tunstall)
Suffragette City (David Bowie)
Sugar Baby (Bob Dylan)
Sugar Mountain (Neil Young)
Sugaree (Jerry Garcia) (Misc)
Summer Cannibals (Patti Smith)
Summer Days (Bob Dylan)
Summer In The City (Regina Spektor)
Summertime (George Gershwin) (Misc)
Summertime Blues (Beach Boys)
The Sun Also Sets (Ryan Adams)
Sun King (Beatles)
Sunday (Nick Drake)
Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground)
Sunday Street (Dave Van Ronk) (Misc)
Sunny Afternoon (Kinks)
Sunnyside Of The Street (Pogues)
Sunset Song (Richard Thompson)
Sunshine (Brian Wilson)
Sunshine Of Your Love (Eric Clapton)
Supersonic (Oasis)
Surf City (Jan And Dean) (Misc)
Surf's Up (Beach Boys)
Surfer Girl (Simon and Garfunkel)
Surfer Girl (Beach Boys)
The Surfer Moon (Beach Boys)
Surfers Rule (Beach Boys)
Surfin' (Beach Boys)
Surfin' Safari (Beach Boys)
Surfin' USA (Beach Boys)
Susie Cincinnati (Beach Boys)
Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley)
Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)
Suze (The Cough Song) (Bob Dylan)
Suzie Q (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Sway (Rolling Stones)
Sweet Black Angel (Rolling Stones)
Sweet By And By (Pete Doherty)
Sweet Dancer (Waterboys)
Sweet Feeling (Tim Hardin)
Sweet Jane (Velvet Underground)
Sweet Surrender (David Gates)
Sweet Thing (Van Morrison)
Sweet Virginia (Rolling Stones)
Sweetheart Like You (Bob Dylan)
Sweetness Follows (REM)
Swimming Song (Loudon Wainwright)
Sword Of Damocles (Lou Reed)
Swordfishtrombone (Tom Waits)
Sylvia Plath (Ryan Adams)
Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones)


T'ain't No Sin (Tom Waits)
TM Song (Beach Boys)
TV Talkin' Song (Bob Dylan)
Table Top Joe (Tom Waits)
Tailor (Anais Mitchell)
Take A Load Off Your Feet (Beach Boys)
Take A Message To Mary (Bob Dylan)
Take It Easy (Jackson Browne)
Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go) (Bob Dylan)
Take Me Home (Tom Waits)
Take The Night Off (Laura Marling)
Take This Longing (Leonard Cohen)
Take This Waltz (Leonard Cohen)
Take It With Me (Tom Waits)
Taking Chances (Sharon Van Etten)
Taking It All Away (John Cale)
Talk To Me (Beach Boys)
Talk To Me Of Mendocino (Kate And Anna McGarrigle) (Misc)
Talkin Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues (Bob Dylan)
Talkin John Birch Paranoid Blues (Bob Dylan)
Talkin' New York (Bob Dylan)
Talkin' World War III Blues (Bob Dylan)
Talking At The Same Time (Tom Waits)
Tam Lin (Richard Thompson)
Taneytown (Steve Earle)
Tangled Up In Blue (1984) (Bob Dylan)
Tangled Up In Blue (Demo) (Bob Dylan)
Tango Till They're Sore (Tom Waits)
Tarifa (Sharon Van Etten)
Tattoo (Who)
Taxman (Beatles)
Teachers (Leonard Cohen)
Tear My Stillhouse Down (Gillian Welch)
Tears In Heaven (Eric Clapton)
Tears In The Morning (Beach Boys)
Tears Of Rage (Bob Dylan)
Tears Of Rage (Band)
Teenage Head (Flamin' Groovies)
Telephone Call From Istanbul (Tom Waits)
Television (Robyn Hitchcock)
Tell Me (Bob Dylan)
Tell Me Momma (Bob Dylan)
Tell Me That It Isn't True (Bob Dylan)
Tell Me Why (Beatles)
Tell Me Why (Neil Young)
Tell Me Why (Beach Boys)
Tell Ol' Bill (Bob Dylan)
Tell Old Bill (Bob Dylan)
Tell The King (Libertines)
Tempest (Bob Dylan)
Temporary Like Achilles (Bob Dylan)
Temporary Thing (Lou Reed)
Temptation (Tom Waits)
Temptation Inside Your Heart (Inside Your Heart) (Velvet Underground)
Ten Little Indians (Beach Boys)
Tennessee (Gillian Welch)
Tennessee Waltz (Leonard Cohen)
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Bruce Springsteen)
Terry's Song (Bruce Springsteen)
Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father (Randy Newman)
Thank God (Hank Williams)
That Don't Make It Junk (Leonard Cohen)
That Feel (Tom Waits)
That Lucky Old Sun (Bob Dylan)
That Same Song (Beach Boys)
That Special Feeling (Beach Boys)
That Time (Regina Spektor)
That'll Be The Day (Buddy Holly)
That's Alright Mama (Elvis Presley)
That's Not Me (Beach Boys)
That's The Story Of My Life (Velvet Underground)
That's The Way (Tom Waits)
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (Beach Boys)
Then I Kissed Her (Beach Boys)
There Is A Kingdom (Nick Cave)
There Is No Time (Lou Reed)
There Is Power In A Union (Billy Bragg)
There Is A War (Leonard Cohen)
There She Goes (Babyshambles)
There She Goes Again (Velvet Underground)
There She Goes, My Beautiful World (Nick Cave)
There For You (Leonard Cohen)
There's A Doctor I've Found (Who)
There's A Rugged Road (Judee Sill)
There's No Other (Like My Baby) (Beach Boys)
There's So Many (Brian Wilson)
There's A World (Neil Young)
These Days (Jackson Browne)
These Dreams Of You (Van Morrison)
They Killed Him (Bob Dylan)
Thief On The Cross (Bob Dylan)
Things Behind The Sun (Nick Drake)
Things Have Changed (Bob Dylan)
Things We Said Today (Beatles)
Think It Over (Buddy Holly)
Think For Yourself (Beatles)
Thirsty Boots (Bob Dylan)
This Boy (Beatles)
This Car Of Mine (Beach Boys)
This Depression (Bruce Springsteen)
This Dream Of You (Bob Dylan)
This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell)
This House Is Not For Sale (Ryan Adams)
This Isn't Love (Brian Wilson)
This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)
This Old Routine (First Aid Kit)
This One's From The Heart (Tom Waits)
This Was My Love (Bob Dylan)
This Wheel's On Fire (Band)
This Wheels On Fire (Bob Dylan)
This Whole World (Beach Boys)
This Is Just A Modern Rock Song (Belle and Sebastian)
Thoughts Of Mary Jane (Nick Drake)
Thoughts Of You (Dennis Wilson)
Thousand Ways (Tallest Man On Earth)
Thousands Are Sailing (Pogues)
Thrasher (Neil Young)
Three Angels (Bob Dylan)
Three Hours (Nick Drake)
Through My Sails (Neil Young)
Thunder On The Mountain (Bob Dylan)
Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen)
Ticket To Ride (Beatles)
The Ties That Bind (Bruce Springsteen)
Tiger Woods (Dan Bern)
Tight Connection To My Heart (Bob Dylan)
'Til I Die (Beach Boys)
Til I Fell In Love With You (Bob Dylan)
'Til The Money Runs Out (Tom Waits)
Till Victory (Patti Smith)
Till The Morning Comes (Neil Young)
Time (David Bowie)
Time (Dennis Wilson)
Time (Tom Waits)
Time (Carl Wilson)
Time Fades Away (Neil Young)
Time For Heroes (Libertines)
Time Has Told Me (Nick Drake)
Time Is On My Side (Rolling Stones)
Time Of No Reply (Nick Drake)
Time Passes Slowly (Bob Dylan)
Time To Get Alone (Beach Boys)
The Times They Are A-Changin' (Bob Dylan)
The Times They Are A-Changing (Beach Boys)
Tin Angel (Bob Dylan)
Tiny Montgomery (Bob Dylan)
Tired Eyes (Neil Young)
Tired Of Waiting For You (Kinks)
To A Poet (First Aid Kit)
To Be Alone With You (Bob Dylan)
To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) (Ryan Adams)
To Be The One (Ryan Adams)
To Have And To Have Not (Billy Bragg)
To Kingdom Come (Band)
To Live Is To Fly (Townes Van Zandt)
To Ramona (Bob Dylan)
To A Teacher (Leonard Cohen)
Tom Ames Prayer (Steve Earle)
Tom Traubert's Blues (Tom Waits)
Tomblands (Libertines)
Tombstone Blues (Bob Dylan)
Tombstone Shadow (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Tommy Can You Hear Me (Who)
Tommy's Holiday Camp (Who)
Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Bob Dylan)
Tomorrow Night (Bob Dylan)
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (Bob Dylan)
Tonight Will Be Fine (Leonard Cohen)
Tonight's The Night (Neil Young)
Too Early To Tell (Carl Wilson)
Too Far Gone (Neil Young)
Too Much Monkey Business (Chuck Berry)
Too Much Of Nothing (Bob Dylan)
Torn And Frayed (Rolling Stones)
Tough Mama (Bob Dylan)
Tougher Than The Rest (Bruce Springsteen)
Tow The Line (Nick Drake)
Tower Of Song (Leonard Cohen)
Town With No Cheer (Tom Waits)
Toxic (Britney Spears) (Misc)
Toy Balloon (Bert Jansch)
Trader (Beach Boys)
Trail Of The Buffalo (Bob Dylan)
Trail Under Water (Bright Eyes)
Train Round The Bend (Velvet Underground)
Train Song (Tom Waits)
Train In The Distance (Simon and Garfunkel)
The Traitor (Leonard Cohen)
Trampled Rose (Tom Waits)
Transcendental Meditation (Beach Boys)
Treetop Flyer (Stephen Stills) (Misc)
Trespasses (Patti Smith)
Tribute To Hank Williams (Tim Hardin)
Tropical Island (Adam Green)
Trouble (Bob Dylan)
Trouble Child (Joni Mitchell)
Trouble Child 2 (Joni Mitchell)
Trouble In Mind (Bob Dylan)
Trouble Will Be Gone (Tallest Man On Earth)
Trouble's Braids (Tom Waits)
Troubled And I Don't Know Why (Bob Dylan)
True Love Leaves No Traces (Leonard Cohen)
True Love Tends To Forget (Bob Dylan)
True Love Ways (Buddy Holly)
Trust Yourself (Bob Dylan)
Try Again (Big Star)
Try Not To Breathe (REM)
Tryin' To Get To Heaven (Bob Dylan)
Tumbling Dice (Rolling Stones)
Tunnel Of Love (Bruce Springsteen)
Tupelo Honey (Van Morrison)
Turd On The Run (Rolling Stones)
Turkey II (Outtake) (Bob Dylan)
Turn The Page (Tim Hardin)
Turn Turn Turn (Byrds)
Turn Up The Sun (Oasis)
Turning Of The Tide (Richard Thompson)
Turning Over (Dan Bern)
Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum (Bob Dylan)
Tweeter And The Monkey Man (Travelling Wilburys)
Twist And Shout (Beatles)
Twisted Chords (Joni Mitchell)
Two (Ryan Adams)
Two Become One (Spice Girls) (Misc)
Two Birds (Regina Spektor)
Two Faces (Bruce Springsteen)
Two Hearts (Bruce Springsteen)
Two Old Friends (Neil Young)
Two Soldiers (Bob Dylan)
Two Trains (Little Feat)
Two Of Us (Beatles)


Ugliest Girl In The World (Bob Dylan)
Unbelievable (Bob Dylan)
Unbilotitled (Babyshambles)
Under My Thumb (Rolling Stones)
Under The Red Sky (Bob Dylan)
Under Your Spell (Bob Dylan)
Underground (Tom Waits)
Undertow (Leonard Cohen)
Underture (Who)
Undine (Laura Marling)
Undone In Sorrow (Crooked Still)
The Unfaithful Servant (Band)
Unforgiven (Tim Hardin)
Unfriendly Skies (Loudon Wainwright)
Union Square (Tom Waits)
Union Sundown (Bob Dylan)
Unknown Legend (Neil Young)
Unstookietitled (Babyshambles)
Up In The Sky (Oasis)
Up The Bracket (Libertines)
Up The Morning (Babyshambles)
Up To Me (Bob Dylan)
Up On Cripple Creek (Band)
Us (Regina Spektor)
Used Cars (Bruce Springsteen)
Used To Be Bad (Paul McCartney)
The Usual (Bob Dylan)
Uummannaq Song (KT Tunstall)


Valentine's Day (Bruce Springsteen)
Valerie (Richard Thompson)
The Valley (Laura Marling)
Vampire Blues (Neil Young)
Vega-Tables/Mama Says (Beach Boys)
Vegematic (Steve Goodman) (Misc)
Vegetables (Beach Boys)
Ventilator Blues (Rolling Stones)
Venus In Furs (Velvet Underground)
Veracruz (Warren Zevon)
Vertigo (Libertines)
Vicious (Lou Reed)
Vicious Circle (Lou Reed)
Victoria (Kinks)
The Vigilante (Judee Sill)
Village Green Preservation Society (Kinks)
Villanelle For Our Time (Leonard Cohen)
Vincent (Don McLean)
Violets Of Dawn (Eric Anderson) (Misc)
Virginia Avenue (Tom Waits)
Visions Of Johanna (Bob Dylan)
Voice From The Mountain (Nick Drake)


The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) (Doors)
Wagon Wheel (Lou Reed)
Wah-Wah (George Harrison)
Wait (Beatles)
Wait For The Light To Shine (Hank Williams)
Waitin' For You (Bob Dylan)
Waitin' On A Sunny Day (Bruce Springsteen)
Waitin' Round To Die (Townes Van Zandt)
The Waiting (Tom Petty)
Waiting For The Great Leap Forward (Billy Bragg)
Waiting For The Miracle (Leonard Cohen)
Wake The World (Beach Boys)
Walk Alone (Laura Marling)
Walk Away (Franz Ferdinand) (Misc)
Walk Like A Man (Bruce Springsteen)
Walk My Way (John Tams) (Misc)
Walk On (Neil Young)
Walk On By (Beach Boys)
Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed)
Walk Quietly By (Bert Jansch)
Walk With Me (Neil Young)
Walkin' The Line (Brian Wilson)
Walking Spanish (Tom Waits)
Walking The Long Miles Home (Richard Thompson)
Walking On A Wire (Richard Thompson)
Wall Of Death (Richard Thompson)
Wallet (Regina Spektor)
Wallflower (Bob Dylan)
Walls Of Red Wing (Bob Dylan)
Waltzing With Sin (Bob Dylan)
Walzing's For Dreamers (Richard Thompson)
The Wanderer (Beach Boys)
Wanted Man (Bob Dylan)
War Of Man (Neil Young)
Warm Beer And Cold Women (Tom Waits)
The Warmest Room (Billy Bragg)
The Warmth Of The Sun (Beach Boys)
Warrior (Laura Marling)
Warrior King (Lou Reed)
Warsaw (Sharon Van Etten)
Waste Of Paint (Bright Eyes)
Wasted On The Way (CSN) (Misc)
Watch Her Disappear (Tom Waits)
Watch That Man (David Bowie)
Watch The Sunrise (Big Star)
Watching The River Flow (Bob Dylan)
Watching The Wheels (John Lennon)
Watching The Detectives (Elvis Costello)
Water Builds Up (Brian Wilson)
Water Is Wide (Bob Dylan)
Watered Down Love (Bob Dylan)
Waterloo Sunset (Kinks)
Wave (Patti Smith)
Way Down In The Hole (Tom Waits)
Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key (Billy Bragg)
Way To Blue (Nick Drake)
The Way Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison)
Wayside (Back In Time) (Gillian Welch)
We Are Alive (Bruce Springsteen)
We Are Fine (Sharon Van Etten)
We Are Nowhere And It's Now (Bright Eyes)
We Better Talk This Over (Bob Dylan)
We Can Talk (Band)
We Can Work It Out (Crooked Still)
We Can Work It Out (Beatles)
We Got Love (Beach Boys)
We Shall Overcome (Bruce Springsteen)
We Take Care Of Our Own (Bruce Springsteen)
We Three (Patti Smith)
We'll Run Away (Beach Boys)
We're All Mad Here (Tom Waits)
We're Gonna Live In The Trees (Robyn Hitchcock)
We're Not Gonna Take It (Who)
We're Together Again (Beach Boys)
Wedding Song (Anais Mitchell)
Wedding Song (Bob Dylan)
Wednesday Morning, 3 AM (Simon and Garfunkel)
Weeping Song (Nick Cave)
Weeping Willow Blues (Blind Boy Fuller) (Misc)
The Weight (Band)
Welcome (Who)
Welcome To The Working Week (Elvis Costello)
Welcome To The Cabaret (Christy Moore)
Welfare Mothers (Neil Young)
Well Alright (Buddy Holly)
Well, Well, Well (John Lennon)
Wendy (Beach Boys)
Went To See The Gypsy (Bob Dylan)
Werewolves Of London (Warren Zevon)
West Country Girl (Nick Cave)
West Memphis (Lucinda Williams)
What A Waster (Libertines)
What Became Of The Likely Lads? (Libertines)
What Can I Do For You (Bob Dylan)
What Goes On (Beatles)
What Goes On (Velvet Underground)
What Good Am I (Bob Dylan)
What Is A Young Girl Made Of? (Beach Boys)
What Is Life (George Harrison)
What Katie Did (Libertines)
What Katy Did Next (Babyshambles)
What Kind Of Friend Is This (Bob Dylan)
What More Can I Say (Carl Wilson)
What Sin Replaces Love (Ryan Adams)
What Was It You Wanted (Bob Dylan)
What You Do To Me (Carl Wilson)
What You Gonna Do About Me? (Carl Wilson)
What You're Doing (Beatles)
What'll I Do (Bob Dylan)
What's Good (Lou Reed)
What's He Building? (Tom Waits)
What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, And Understanding (Elvis Costello)
What's Wrong (Dennis Wilson)
When A Man Needs A Woman (Beach Boys)
When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease (Roy Harper)
When Did You Leave Heaven (Bob Dylan)
When He Returns (Bob Dylan)
When I Die (Stray Birds)
When I Grow Up (Beach Boys)
When I Hold You In My Arms (Neil Young)
When I Leave Berlin (Wizz Jones) (Misc)
When I Paint My Masterpiece (Bob Dylan)
When I'm Sixty-Four (Beatles)
When That Evening Sun Goes Down (Van Morrison)
When The Deal Goes Down (Bob Dylan)
When The Leaves Come Falling Down (Van Morrison)
When The Man Comes Around (Johnny Cash)
When The Night Comes Falling (Bob Dylan)
When The Ship Comes In (Bob Dylan)
When Were You Happy? (And How Long Has That Been) (Laura Marling)
When You Ain't Got Nobody (Tom Waits)
When You Awake (Band)
When You Dance I Can Really Love (Neil Young)
When You Gonna Wake Up (Bob Dylan)
When You're Alone (Bruce Springsteen)
When The Bridegroom Comes (Judee Sill)
Where Are You Tonight (Journey Through Dark Heat) (Bob Dylan)
Where Are You? (Bob Dylan)
Where Can I Go? (Laura Marling)
Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Misc)
Where Do My Bluebird Fly? (Tallest Man On Earth)
Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere (Nick Cave)
Where Has Love Been (Brian Wilson)
Where Have All The Good Times Gone (Kinks)
Where Teardrops Fall (Bob Dylan)
Where The Wild Roses Grow (Nick Cave)
Where Were You Last Night (Travelling Wilburys)
Which Will (Nick Drake)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Beatles)
While You're On Your Way (Tim Hardin)
Whiskey Headed Woman (Tommy McClennan) (Misc)
Whiskey In My Whiskey (Felice Brothers)
Whiskey Whiskey (Tim Hardin)
Whiskey Woman (Flamin' Groovies)
Whispering Pines (Band)
Whistle Down The Wind (Tom Waits)
Whistle In (Beach Boys)
Whistlin' Past The Graveyard (Tom Waits)
White Birds (Waterboys)
White Light/White Heat (Velvet Underground)
White Line (Neil Young)
White Room (Eric Clapton)
White Winos (Loudon Wainwright)
Who Are You (Tom Waits)
Who Killed Davey Moore (Bob Dylan)
Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Richard Thompson)
Who Loves The Sun (Velvet Underground)
Who By Fire (Leonard Cohen)
Whole Of The Moon (Waterboys)
Why Do Fools Fall In Love? (Beach Boys)
Why Do They Leave? (Ryan Adams)
Why Don't We Do It In The Road? (Beatles)
Why Don't You Try (Leonard Cohen)
Why Not Smile (REM)
Why Try To Change Me Now? (Bob Dylan)
Why We Build The Wall (Anais Mitchell)
Wicked Messenger (Bob Dylan)
Wiggle Wiggle (Bob Dylan)
Wilbury Twist (Travelling Wilburys)
Wild Billy's Circus Story (Bruce Springsteen)
Wild Fire (Laura Marling)
Wild Flowers (Ryan Adams)
Wild Honey (Beach Boys)
Wild Honey Pie (Beatles)
Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)
The Wild Hunt (Tallest Man On Earth)
Wild Mountain Thyme (Byrds)
Wild Night (Van Morrison)
Wild Once (Laura Marling)
Willie Of Winsbury (Anais Mitchell)
Willin' (Little Feat)
Wind Chimes (Beach Boys)
Wind Chimes (Beach Boys)
The Window (Leonard Cohen)
Wing (Patti Smith)
Winter (Rolling Stones)
Winter Lady (Leonard Cohen)
Winter Wonderland (Bob Dylan)
Winterlude (Bob Dylan)
Wish You Were Here (Ryan Adams)
With Every Wish (Bruce Springsteen)
With God On Our Side (Bob Dylan)
With Me Tonight (Beach Boys)
With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles)
Withered And Died (Richard Thompson)
Within You Without You (Beatles)
Woe (Tom Waits)
Won't Get Fooled Again (Who)
Wonderful (Beach Boys)
Wonderful (Beach Boys)
Wonderful Life (Felice Brothers)
Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton)
Wonderwall (Oasis)
Woodstock (Joni Mitchell)
The Word (Beatles)
Word Unspoken, Sight Unseen (Richard Thompson)
Words (Between The Lines Of Age) (Neil Young)
Words Of Love (Buddy Holly)
Words Of Love (Beatles)
Working Class Hero (John Lennon)
Working On A Railroad (Tim Hardin)
Working On The Highway (Bruce Springsteen)
Workingman's Blues #2 (Bob Dylan)
World Gone Wrong (Bob Dylan)
The World Isn't Fair (Randy Newman)
The World Tonight (Paul McCartney)
World On A String (Neil Young)
Worlds Apart (Bruce Springsteen)
Worship Me (Laura Marling)
Wouldn't It Be Nice (Beach Boys)
Wreck On The Highway (Bruce Springsteen)
Wrecking Ball (Neil Young)
Wrecking Ball (Gillian Welch)
Wrecking Ball (Bruce Springsteen)
Wrong Side Of The Road (Tom Waits)
Wrote A Song For Everyone (Creedence Clearwater Revival)


Xmas In February (Lou Reed)


Ye Shall Be Changed (Bob Dylan)
Yea Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread (Bob Dylan)
Yellow Submarine (Beatles)
Yer Blues (Beatles)
Yes, It's True (Flamin' Groovies)
Yesterday (Beatles)
Yesterday Is Here (Tom Waits)
Yesterday's Numbers (Flamin' Groovies)
Yonder Comes Sin (Bob Dylan)
Yonder Stands The Sinner (Neil Young)
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Bob Dylan)
You Angel You (Bob Dylan)
You Belong To Me (Bob Dylan)
You Better You Bet (Who)
You Can Leave Your Hat On (Randy Newman)
You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) (Bruce Springsteen)
You Can't Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones)
You Can't Do That (Beatles)
You Can't Fool The Fat Man (Randy Newman)
You Changed My Life (Bob Dylan)
You Didn't Hear It (1921) (Who)
You Don't Know Me (Ben Folds)
You Got A Reputation (Tim Hardin)
You Got Lucky (Tom Petty)
You Got To Move (Rolling Stones)
You Got The Silver (Rolling Stones)
You Gotta Quit Kicking My Dog Around (Bob Dylan)
You Have Loved Enough (Leonard Cohen)
You Keep It All In (Beautiful South)
You Know (Laura Marling)
You Know Me Well (Sharon Van Etten)
You Know More Than I Know (John Cale)
You Know The Res (Steve Earle)
You Know Who I Am (Leonard Cohen)
You Made Me Forget My Dreams (Belle and Sebastian)
You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (Beach Boys)
You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry)
You Never Give Me Your Money (Beatles)
You Really Got A Hold On Me (Beatles)
You Really Got Me (Kinks)
You Set The Scene (Love)
You Still Believe In Me (Beach Boys)
You Talk (Babyshambles)
You Took My Breath Away (Travelling Wilburys)
You Tore Me Down (Flamin' Groovies)
You Upset The Grace Of Living When You Lie (Tim Hardin)
You Wanna Ramble (Bob Dylan)
You Wear It So Well (Lou Reed)
You Won't See Me (Beatles)
You And I (Dennis Wilson)
You And Me (Neil Young)
You'll Be Comin' Down (Bruce Springsteen)
You're A Big Girl Now (Bob Dylan)
You're Gonna Lose That Girl (Beatles)
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (Bob Dylan)
You're Gonna Quit Me, Baby (Bob Dylan)
You're Missing (Bruce Springsteen)
You're My Girl (Neil Young)
You're My Waterloo (Libertines)
You're My Woman (Van Morrison)
You're No Good (Bob Dylan)
You're Not Alone Any More (Travelling Wilburys)
You're Pretty Good Looking (White Stripes)
You're So Good To Me (Beach Boys)
You're So Square (Buddy Holly)
You're Welcome (Beach Boys)
You've Got A Friend In Me (Randy Newman)
You've Got Her In Your Pocket (White Stripes)
You've Got It (Bruce Springsteen)
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Beach Boys)
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Beatles)
Young Boy (Paul McCartney)
Young But Daily Growin' (Bob Dylan)
Young Man In America (Anais Mitchell)
Youngblood (Carl Wilson)
Youngstown (Bruce Springsteen)
Your Belly In My Arms (Felice Brothers)
Your Love Is Killing Me (Sharon Van Etten)
Your Own Worst Enemy (Bruce Springsteen)
Your Redneck Past (Ben Folds)
Your Summer Dream (Beach Boys)


Zak And Sara (Ben Folds)
Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie)
Zimmerman Blues (Ralph McTell)