Chordproc: Babyshambles

Babyshambles Song Index

The 32nd Of December (Down In Albion)
8 Dead Boys (Down In Albion)

A'Rebours (Down In Albion)
Albion (Down In Albion)

Back From The Dead (Down In Albion)
Baddies Boogie (Shotter's Nation)
Beg, Steal Or Borrow (The Blinding)
The Blinding (The Blinding)

Carry On Up The Morning (Shotter's Nation)
Crumb Begging Baghead (Shotter's Nation)

Deft Left Hand (Shotter's Nation)
Delivery (Shotter's Nation)

Farmer's Daughter (Sequel To The Prequel)
French Dog Blues (Shotter's Nation)
Fuck Forever (Down In Albion)

I Wish (The Blinding)
In Love With A Feeling (Down In Albion)

Killamangiro (Down In Albion)

La Belle Et Las Bete (Down In Albion)
The Lost Art Of Murder (Shotter's Nation)
Love You But You're Green (The Blinding)
The Loyalty Song (Down In Albion)

Maybelline (Sequel To The Prequel)
Merry Go Round (Down In Albion)

Nothing Comes To Nothing (Sequel To The Prequel)

Pentonville (Down In Albion)
Pipedown (Down In Albion)

Sedative (The Blinding)
Side Of The Road (Shotter's Nation)
Sticks And Stones (Down In Albion)

There She Goes (Shotter's Nation)

Unbilotitled (Shotter's Nation)
Unstookietitled (Shotter's Nation)
Up The Morning (Down In Albion)

What Katy Did Next (Down In Albion)

You Talk (Shotter's Nation)