Chordproc: Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson Song Index

Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long (Brian Wilson)
Being With The One You Love (Misc)
Bells Of Madness (Misc)
Brian (Sweet Insanity)

Concert Tonite (Sweet Insanity)
Country Feelin' (Misc)
Cry (Imagination)

Daddy's Little Girl (Misc)
Do You Have Any Regrets? (Sweet Insanity)
Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel (Sweet Insanity)
Dream Angel (Imagination)

The First Time (Imagination)

Goodnight Irene (Misc)

Happy Days Are Here Again (Imagination)
He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move (Misc)
Hotter (Sweet Insanity)

I Sleep Alone (Misc)
Imagination (Imagination)

Keep An Eye On Summer (Imagination)

Lay Down Burden (Imagination)
Let Him Run Wild (Imagination)
Let It Shine (Brian Wilson)
Let's Stick Together (Misc)
Little Children (Brian Wilson)
Love And Mercy (Brian Wilson)
Love Ya (Sweet Insanity)

Make A Wish (Sweet Insanity)
Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight (Brian Wilson)
Melt Away (Brian Wilson)

Night Time (Brian Wilson)

On Christmas Day (Imagination)
Orange Crate Art (Misc)

Rainbow Eyes (Sweet Insanity)
Rio Grande (Brian Wilson)

Save The Day (Misc)
She Says That She Needs Me (Imagination)
Smart Girls (Misc)
Someone To Love (Sweet Insanity)
South American (Imagination)
Spirit Of Rock And Roll (Sweet Insanity)
Sunshine (Imagination)

There's So Many (Brian Wilson)
This Isn't Love (Imagination)

Walkin' The Line (Brian Wilson)
Water Builds Up (Sweet Insanity)
Where Has Love Been (Imagination)