Chordproc: Felice Brothers

Felice Brothers Song Index

Aerosol Ball (Misc)

Ballad Of Lou The Welterweight (Tonight At The Arizona)
The Big Surprise (Misc)
Bird On Broken Wing (Favourite Waitress)
Black Velvet Band (God Bless You, Amigo)

Cherry Licorice (Favourite Waitress)
Christmas Song (Tonight At The Arizona)
Constituents (Favourite Waitress)

Dead Dog (God Bless You, Amigo)
Don't Wake The Scarecrow (The Felice Brothers)
Dream On (God Bless You, Amigo)

Frankie's Gun (The Felice Brothers)

Goddamn You, Jim (The Felice Brothers)
Going, Going, Gone (Tonight At The Arizona)
Got What I Need (Misc)

Hawthorne (Favourite Waitress)
Helen Fry (The Felice Brothers)
Her Eyes Dart Round (God Bless You, Amigo)
Hey Hey Revolver (Tonight At The Arizona)

Katie Cruel (Favourite Waitress)

Lady Day (Tonight At The Arizona)
Lincoln Continental (God Bless You, Amigo)
Lion (Favourite Waitress)
Little Ann (The Felice Brothers)
Love Me Tenderly (The Felice Brothers)

The Mating Of The Doves (God Bless You, Amigo)
Meadow Of A Dream (Favourite Waitress)
Mercy (Tonight At The Arizona)
Murder By Mistletoe (The Felice Brothers)

No Trouble (Favourite Waitress)

Penn Station (Misc)
Plunder (Misc)

Radio Song (The Felice Brothers)
Rockefeller Druglaw Blues (Tonight At The Arizona)
Roll On Arte (Tonight At The Arizona)
Ruby Mae (The Felice Brothers)
Run, Chicken, Run (Misc)

Saint Stephen's End (The Felice Brothers)
Saturday Night (Favourite Waitress)
Silver In The Shadow (Favourite Waitress)

T For Texas (Tonight At The Arizona)
Tip Your Way (The Felice Brothers)

Whiskey In My Whiskey (The Felice Brothers)
Wonderful Life (The Felice Brothers)

Your Belly In My Arms (Tonight At The Arizona)