Chordproc: Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell Song Index

A Case Of You (Blue)
A Strange Boy (Misc)
A Strange Boy (Hejira) (Hejira)
All I Want (Blue)
Amelia (Hejira)

Big Yellow Taxi (Misc)
Blue (Blue)
Both Sides Now (Misc)

California (Blue)
Car On A Hill (Court And Spark)
Carey (Blue)
Chelsea Morning (Misc)
Court And Spark (Court And Spark)
Coyote (Hejira)

Down To You (Court And Spark)

For Free (Misc)
Free Man In Paris (Court And Spark)
Furry Sings The Blues (Misc)

Hejira (Hejira)
Help Me (Court And Spark)

Just Like This Train (Court And Spark)

The Last Time I Saw Richard (Blue)
Little Green (Blue)

My Old Man (Blue)

Old Furry Sings The Blues (Hejira)

People's Parties (Court And Spark)

Raised On Robbery (Court And Spark)
River (Blue)

Song To A Seagull (Misc)

This Flight Tonight (Blue)
Trouble Child (Court And Spark)
Trouble Child 2 (Court And Spark)
Twisted Chords (Court And Spark)

Woodstock (Misc)