Chordproc: Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten Song Index

A Crime (Epic)
Afraid Of Nothing (Are We There)
All I Can (Tramp)
Ask (Tramp)

Comeback Kid (Remind Me Tomorrow)

D Sharp G (Epic)
Don't Do It (Epic)

Every Time The Sun Comes Up (Are We There)

Give Out (Tramp)

Hands (Remind Me Tomorrow)

I Don't Want To Let You Down (Misc)
I Know (Are We There)
I Love You But I'm Lost (Are We There)
I Told You Everything (Remind Me Tomorrow)
In Line (Tramp)

Jupiter 4 (Remind Me Tomorrow)

Kevin's (Tramp)

Leonard (Tramp)
Love More (Epic)

Magic Chords (Tramp)
Malibu (Remind Me Tomorrow)
Memorial Day (Remind Me Tomorrow)

No One's Easy To Love (Remind Me Tomorrow)

One Day (Epic)
Our Love (Are We There)

Peace Signs (Epic)

Save Yourself (Epic)
Serpents (Tramp)
Seventeen (Remind Me Tomorrow)
Stay (Remind Me Tomorrow)

Taking Chances (Are We There)
Tarifa (Are We There)

Warsaw (Tramp)
We Are Fine (Tramp)

You Know Me Well (Are We There)
You Shadow (Remind Me Tomorrow)
Your Love Is Killing Me (Are We There)