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Folk Song Index

A Sailor's Life Richard Thompson Roud 273
Ain't No More Cane Bob Dylan Roud 10063
Alberta Bob Dylan Roud 10030
All The Good Times Are Past And Gone Gillian Welch Roud 7421
Angeline The Baker Crooked Still Roud 18341
Arthur McBride Bob Dylan Roud 2355
Arthur McBride Paul Brady Roud 2355
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down Bob Dylan
The Banks Of The Bann Roud 889
Banks Of The Nile (Sandy Denny) Richard Thompson Roud 950
Banks Of The Ohio Johnny Cash Roud 157
Barbara Allen Bob Dylan Child 84 Roud 54
Barrack Street Nic Jones Roud 1902
Belle Isle Bob Dylan Roud 2191
Black Is The Colour Christy Moore Roud 3103
Black Is The Colour Hamish Imlach Roud 3103
Black Mountain Side Led Zeppelin Roud 564
The Blackest Crow Roud 422
Blackjack Davey Bob Dylan Child 200 Roud 1
Blackwaterside Bert Jansch Roud 564
Blood In My Eyes Bob Dylan
Bonnie Ship The Diamond Bob Dylan Roud 2172
Bonny Portmore Roud 3475
Brennan On The Moor Roud 476
Bury Me Beneath The Willow Woody Guthrie Roud 410
Ca' The Yowes Fern Maddie Roud 857
Canadee-i-o Bob Dylan Roud 309
Canadee-i-o Nic Jones Roud 309
Casey Jones Mississippi John Hurt Roud 3247
Clementine Neil Young Roud 9611
Cocaine Blues Townes Van Zandt
Cold Haily Windy Night Roud 135
Corrina, Corrina Bob Dylan Roud 10030
Cotton Eye Joe Roud 942
Courting Is A Pleasure Nic Jones Roud 454
Crawling King Snake Doors
Cripple Creek Roud 3434
Cumberland Gap Roud 3413
Cumberland Gap Felice Brothers Roud 3413
The Curragh Of Kildare Bert Jansch
Danville Girl Woody Guthrie Roud 7046
Dark Eyes
Darling Corey Roud 5723
Darling Corey Crooked Still Roud 5723
Days Of '49 Bob Dylan Roud 2803
Death Of Queen Jane Child 170 Roud 77
Delia Roud 3264
Delia Bob Dylan Roud 3264
The Deserter Roud 493
Diamond Joe Bob Dylan Roud 634
Diamond Joe Bob Dylan Roud 3585
Diamond Joe Martin Simpson Roud 3585
Dink's Song (Fare Thee Well) Bob Dylan Roud 10057
Dink's Song (Fare Thee Well) Roud 10057
Dixie Bob Dylan Roud 8231
The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow Child 214 Roud 13
The Drowned Lovers Nic Jones Child 216 Roud 91
Duncan And Brady Roud 4177
Duncan And Brady Bob Dylan Roud 4177
East Virginia Roud 3396
Easy And Slow Bob Dylan
Eileen Aroon Bob Dylan Roud v21056
Erie Canal Bruce Springsteen
Eyes On The Prize Bruce Springsteen Roud 10075
First Noel Bob Dylan Roud 682
The Flandyke Shore Nic Jones Roud 2636
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss Gillian Welch Roud 5720
Frankie Mississippi John Hurt Roud 254
Frankie And Albert Bob Dylan Roud 254
Freight Train Blues Bob Dylan
Froggie Went A-Courtin' Bob Dylan Roud 16
Froggie Went A-Courtin' Bruce Springsteen Roud 16
Gallows Pole Neil Young Child 95 Roud 144
Geordie Anais Mitchell Child 209 Roud 90
Geordie Joan Baez Child 209 Roud 90
Get A Job Neil Young
Girl On The Green Briar Shore Bob Dylan
Golden Vanity Bob Dylan Child 286 Roud 122
Gospel Plow Bob Dylan Roud 10075
Handsome Molly Bob Dylan Roud 454
Hang Me, Oh Hang Me Roud 17886
Hares On The Mountain Fern Maddie Roud 329
Hares On The Mountain Roud 329
He Was A Friend Of Mine Bob Dylan Roud 10055
Henry Lee Nick Cave Child 68 Roud 47
Hesitation Blues Roud 11765
High Germany Roud 904
Hills Of Mexico Roud 634
House Carpenter Bob Dylan Child 243 Roud 14
House Of The Rising Sun Bob Dylan Roud 6393
How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live? Bruce Springsteen Roud 18867
How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live? Roud 18867
I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground Roud 4957
I've Been All Around This World Bob Dylan Roud 17886
In My Time Of Dyin' Bob Dylan
In Search Of Little Sadie Bob Dylan Roud 780
In The Bleak Midwinter Bert Jansch
The Irish Rover Pogues Roud 4379
It Hurts Me Too Bob Dylan
Jack Orion Bert Jansch Child 67 Roud 145
Jackaroe Bob Dylan Roud 268
Jacob's Ladder Bruce Springsteen Roud 2286
Jamaica Farewell Bob Dylan
Jesse James Bruce Springsteen Roud 2240
Jesus' Chariot (She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain) Neil Young Roud 4204
Jim Jones Bob Dylan Roud 5478
John Henry Bruce Springsteen Roud 790
Katie Cruel Bert Jansch Roud 1645
The Lakes Of Pontchartrain Bob Dylan
The Lakes Of Pontchartrain Paul Brady
Lily Of The West Bob Dylan Roud 957
The Lily Of The West Bert Jansch Roud 957
Little Maggie Bob Dylan Roud 5723
Little Sadie Roud 780
Little Sadie Bob Dylan Roud 780
Little Sadie Crooked Still Roud 780
Lone Pilgrim Bob Dylan Roud 2841
Lonesome Road Crooked Still Roud 824
Long Black Veil Band Roud 18510
Lord Franklin Roud 487
Love Henry Bob Dylan Child 68 Roud 47
Lovely Joan Martin Carthy Roud 592
Maggie Mae Beatles Roud 1757
The Maid On The Shore Fern Maddie Roud 181
Man Of Constant Sorrow Bob Dylan Roud 499
Mary And The Soldier Bob Dylan Roud 2496
Mary Ann Bob Dylan Roud 4438
Mary Of The Wild Moor Bob Dylan Roud 155
Matty Groves Richard Thompson Child 81 Roud 52
Minstrel Boy Felice Brothers Roud 13867
Moonshiner Bob Dylan Roud 4301
Mrs McGrath Bruce Springsteen Roud 678
New Railroad Crooked Still Roud 17886
No More Auction Block Bob Dylan Roud 3348
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out Eric Clapton Roud 18521
Northlands Fern Maddie Child 4 Roud 21
Nottamun Town Bert Jansch Roud 1044
Now Westlin Winds Roud 6936
O Come, All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) Bob Dylan
Oh Mary Don't You Weep Mississippi John Hurt Roud 11823
Oh, Mary, Don't You Weep Bruce Springsteen Roud 11823
Old Dan Tucker Bruce Springsteen Roud 390
Old Virginia Crooked Still Roud 3396
Pay Me My Money Down Bruce Springsteen Roud 21449
Planxty Davis Nic Jones
Polly Vaughn Bob Dylan Roud 166
Poor Ellen Smith Gillian Welch Roud 448
Poor Wayfaring Stranger Roud 3339
Precious Memories Bob Dylan
Pretty Peggy-O Bob Dylan Roud 545
Pretty Polly Bert Jansch Roud 15
Pretty Saro Bob Dylan Roud 417
Ragged And Dirty Bob Dylan
Railroad Bill Bob Dylan Roud 4181
Red Rocking Chair Roud 5731
Reynardine Bert Jansch Roud 397
Reynardine Richard Thompson Roud 397
The Road And Miles To Dundee Roud 2300
The Road Tae Dundee Bert Jansch Roud 2300
Roll On John Bob Dylan
The Rose Of Aberdeen Simon and Garfunkel Roud 414
Sail Away Ladies Felice Brothers Roud 17635
Salty Dog Mississippi John Hurt Roud 11661
Sam Hall Roud 369
Sarah Jane Bob Dylan Roud 10052
Scarborough Fair Simon and Garfunkel Child 2 Roud 12
Scarborough Fair Child 2 Roud 12
Shady Grove Roud 4456
Shallow Brown Roud 2621
She Moved Through The Fair Bert Jansch Roud 861
She Moves Through The Fair Richard Thompson Roud 861
Sheath And Knife Child 16 Roud 3960
Shenandoah Bob Dylan Roud 324
Shenandoah Bruce Springsteen Roud 324
Shenandoah Roud 324
Silver Dagger Bob Dylan Roud 2260
Sittin' On Top Of The World Bob Dylan Roud 7689
Sloop John B Beach Boys Roud 15634
Soldier's Joy
St James Infirmary Roud 2
Stack O' Lee Blues Mississippi John Hurt Roud 4183
Stackalee Bob Dylan Roud 4185
Stagger Lee Taj Mahal Roud 4183
Stagger Lee Nick Cave Roud 4183
Step It Up And Go Bob Dylan
Streets Of Laredo Johnny Cash Roud 23650
Tam Lin Richard Thompson Child 39 Roud 35
Tattle O'Day Bob Dylan Roud 18261
Tell Old Bill Bob Dylan Roud 7876
Tom Dula Neil Young Roud 4192
Trail Of The Buffalo Bob Dylan Roud 634
Travel On Neil Young
Twa Corbies Child 26 Roud 5
Two Sisters Tom Waits Child 10 Roud 8
Two Soldiers Bob Dylan Roud 629
Wabash Cannonball Johnny Cash Roud 4228
The Wagoner's Lad Bert Jansch
The Wagoner's Lad Bob Dylan Roud 414
Watch The Stars Bert Jansch
The Water Is Wide Bob Dylan Child 204 Roud 87
Wayfarin' Stranger Neil Young Roud 3339
We Shall Overcome Bruce Springsteen Roud 21324
Where Did You Sleep Last Night? Roud 3421
Wild Bill Jones Roud 2246
Wild Mountain Thyme Byrds Roud 541
Wild Mountain Thyme Bob Dylan Roud 541
Willie Of Winsbury Anais Mitchell Child 100 Roud 64
Willie The Weeper Dave Van Ronk Roud 977
Willow Garden Roud 446
Wind And Rain Crooked Still Child 10 Roud 8
World Gone Wrong Bob Dylan
You Gotta Quit Kicking My Dog Around Bob Dylan Roud 6690
You're Gonna Quit Me, Baby Bob Dylan
Young But Daily Growin' Bob Dylan Roud 31